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    I play internet radio , mostly oldies. http://www.windowsmedia.com/radioui/home.aspx
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    Arty is correct. You might try some alcohol? Sam's sells a 1000 feet of butcher paper for like $20.00. Do yourself a favor and pick one up. You should always cover the bottom and top of your press. It hurts when you don't do that, have a white $12.00 polo vapor shirt and end up with something from a previous job on the nice new shirt that you now have to throw away. Like they say it's cheap insurance...
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    Thank you Wild Goose and Mz Skeeter, along with Dakota who I have been in PM contact with. After reading, reading, and more reading I am certainly going to get (1) Graphtec Cutter. On top of that I think I am going to spend the extra money and get the FC-8600 60 which I can load 30" vinyl -vs- 28" and has double the pressure at 600 gr -vs- 300. I will take Dakota's recommendation and use Clean Cut Blades. I still am not sure what all I will be doing, but I figure having that extra horse power is sure not going to hurt anything. And I think I wont have to look back and say Gosh...... I wish I would have went the better unit! Dakota I value your opinion in the PM, and I wasn't trying to second guess you, I just was gathering information and other opinions best I could. Thanks to all of you. Now when I get the Cutter I can Get rid of the Scissors and Kitchen Knife.
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    I try to play the radio but I get static.
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    I have seen posts on this forum that list various cleaners that can be used. I always use a teflon sheet on top of my work to prevent any residue from getting on the platen. I have also used parchment paper.
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    Thanks Dakota, I have sacrificed my entire life, While a lot of people frittered away their cash, and purchased new cars every year Ole Duke Purchased used and drove them 10 + years. And stayed home or went cheapo and didn't go on elaborate vacations. Not too many people can retire at 57. That Dave Rambsy Guy......... He musta took lessons from me.... Cause Iv'e been doing his techniques for 30+ years. If it wasn't for that.... Id be buying a Chinese bargin brand outfit. Again Thanks To all of you for helping me make the correct decision you guys are the Best!
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    Shirt for one of my regular customers Something new to try for the company Back of another company shirt, front the same as the green above
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    I need to take a vacation but my wife says we cant afford it now. so we will keep busy.
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    Lol! Internet radio is my best friend! I can't stand the crap on "mainstream" radio anymore. Love my Bluetooth capabilities in my truck so I never have to be forced into listening to FM anymore.
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    I use the release liner from regular vinyl as blowout paper. Point is there needs to be a protective layer between your project and the press. Clean with alcohol or maybe thinner to get rid of what's already there.
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    My Family is visiting from New York. My nieces are into dance big time and were at Orlando this week for National Dance Competition, so while they were away I designed a couple shirts for them... Made the sublimation shirt for my nephew in NY that drew his schools Flat Stanley...
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    Only thing with mine was the solenoid sticking but that Carriage is all plastic and I had a lp1 crack and it did all kinds of weird stuff when cutting. The lp1 replacements were metal so I was surprised the lp2 was back to plastic.
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    Dawn's tree is nice, but I wouldn't want to weed it.
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    separate for sure - cactus wraps for mugs - if you want a starter press look at the sunie with over the center pressure adjustment - if you want the best (like the cutter) then the hotronix fusion (drool)
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    congrats - I am SURE you won't be sorry - wish we could all start like that, it will be a great head start
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    I DL'ed it earlier today. Thank you.
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    I used my 60° CleanCut Blade for a year before it finally broke. You definitely get what you pay for.
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    It will work, but you'll get annoyed with it rather quickly. You want a larger tank, I don't think I'd go much smaller than 5gallon, and a higher CFM. .51SCFM is really low. I have an 8gallon compressor from Harbor Freight. With a full tank I can usually do a complete glass or two before the compressor kicks on. I'm not sure what the airflow of the air eraser is, but my compressor does 4.5scfm at 90 psi and I've not had any problems with it. Also, keep in mind, you can get away with compressors that have low CFM, you will just have to pause when the compressor kicks on and let the tank recharge. A small 1 gallon tank and really low CFMs like the one you linked to you will be pausing quite a lot and it will get annoying pretty quickly.
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    I don't own either but have followed along as the Titan and Titan 2 have come out. They seems to be a pretty good machines (especially the servo model) with some extreme pressure ability. If the literature is accurate it has more down pressure than most of the other cutters including the FC which would make it a likely choice if you are doing a lot of sandblast resist. That being said, if you only do occasional resist cutting and tend more toward regular work like most of us then the pressure is not a real issue. Graphtec is going to hold it's value over the long haul and is a time proven performer for not that much more $$$. The CE-6000 has upped the pressure from the 5000 series (at least in the 48" model)
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    I don't think you are going to find a member with a Titan, who also owns a Graphtec, Or a Graphtec owner with a Titan.. They don't need it.. .Dakotagraphix did do a review on the Titan 11, and does own the CE6000-60 also. Both the Graphtec CE and FC cut accurate...Not one better than the other.. The FC has more bells and whistles.. Both CE and FC have ARMS.. I own a FC unit, as well as bought a CE 5000 for my son. We only cut sign vinyl. I choose the FC to get a 30" machine. I own the FC7000MK2-75. It is very heavy duty, and well built. I have owned it new since 2008. Never a problem... And my son has owned the CE5000-60 for over 2 years and never a problem. The CE6000 was not out yet.. The Titan has not been sold here that long...
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    I am not ashamed to say that this thread made my eyes tear up. So sorry for your loss. I dread the day I lose my Fred.
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    I was using some newspaper to pack an item today, it just happened to have the class of 2014 centerfold. So I glanced at it, then looked at it. 103 graduates, 13 boys had camo shirts on, 5 full camo, 2 face paints. 6 girls with camo shirts, 2 full camo, 1 face paint. Makes ya proud to be from the south.
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    The new Amon Amarth cd...it's amazing! I like Dion, too, though...haha...but mostly a metalhead!