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    Completed my first big wall and door decals. The gold measures ~52" x 84" and the black is ~44" x 36". All cut with my MH-1351. Fun and scary times.
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    Hope everyone is well... Havent been around much as I took a job driving a tanker in the oilfields up around Midland/Big Lake Texas.... Couldnt really turn down the money as my shop here in Del Rio was barely paying for itself, but have no fear lol still printing jobs as they come in piece by piece...... Here's hoping everyone has a spectacular summer season... Bruce
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    Here are a couple of etchings that I finished. The first is the Hulk for a friends birthday and the other is a fire dog just for the heck of it
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    I use the scrap booking corner rounder. Cheap and works awesome!
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    I've got a big issue that's driving me insane with my cutter. The cutter seems to not want to cut all the way, almost as if the paths are not complete, on everything it cuts,,,, including letters. While weeding I will have to hand cut corners or risk ripping/tearing of the vinyl material. I've tried adjusting the speeds/pressure of the machine and blade with no luck. This is causing me to lose valuble time and material by having to redo jobs. Anyone had an issue like this before? All help is greatly appreciated!
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    Since we have again started allowing people to join the forums without approval, we have had a few really bad spammers on here. A lot of it is coming from Russia, which is well known for sending out virus and spyware. Please be very careful about clicking on ANY link in a post that looks suspicious. Especially from someone who is a newbee and the link is in his/her first post. These scumbags usually post in the wee hours of the morning and sometimes I don't catch them for a few hours....so be careful.
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    I was just thinking today how much I love mine compared to my MH cutter I started with.
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    Just to clarify... I'm still using 651...just the matte white.
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    nothing brings happiness quite like a new servo cutter - especially the graphtecs
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    just enough to make if finish the cut
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    great guys and gals, them pages look great. remember to like the page you visit
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    I finally got the heat press plugged in tonight and it to works! Ordered a new blade for the cutter from Clean Cut Blades thanks this forum. Will order a new Teflon Cutting Strip this weekend and then hopefully ready to go!! Thanks again to all here.
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    My desk top for cutting with a 42 inch monitor. Tablet for enternet and every thing else.
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    Thanks John just requested a catalog from them. Just finished ordering a large order of reflective sign blanks prior to setting your post. Ok keep them in mind for my next order.
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    Congrats I am loving my Titan 2!
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    I had a few cuts that did not finish but doing that overcut just made my stuff weed like butter thank you sir!