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    ahhhh...any chance I can get a trade-in on my old lady?...She can cook(when she wants too), she does clean the house and wash clothes, she does have a bad habit with scratch-off's(gambling)..I will ship FedEx... I need a fancy do-da riding lawn mower, will settle for a used one, or a good pair of headphones so I can finally have a moment of silence.....
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    I forwarded this to your wifes inbox lol
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    I agree $1.00 waste of your time. I don't do shirts, but still waste of time.. I had a guy not long ago, I gave a quote to, say, "I have a friend that owns a sign shop, says " It's only $10.00 worth of vinyl." I told the buyer "GO have your friend in the sign shop do them, if he is talented, he should have no problem. " The offer is off the table" Then I blocked him.
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    If the average person can notice the similarity I assure so will the judge deciding the case.
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    The Summa is not to bad either.
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    I have several times with members when it benefited both of us . . .
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    9 shirts so far. I may do these 9 and if he orders more, I will hit up dakotagrafx for some printed HPV
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    Sometimes i think they do it on purpose..."hey lets split these three packages up and piss off the guy."
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    Yeah E L. I pressed it..and then i held it up to admire my good work and read it..and i was like wtf!? How did i miss the "r"...?? At least this time everything was weeded...lol. Im getting better... I have a copyright question.. i live in Alexandria, Minnesota and tons of stores, Walmart, Target, and Cowing Robard sport store, all have shirts and hoodies that just say "ALEXANDRIA" with the text arced.... What if i copied it, but in a different font...? I mean who owns the copyright to just "ALEXANDRIA".. And they must sell cuz i see them everywhere.
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    I sent you a PM with the details.
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    Thanks wildgoose. I think I might be going with the WF-7520 and the cobra inks CIS system. I def know what you mean about snowballing! I have this forum to thank for spend a lot of my money! haha
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    If you look at it and think it resembles a JD logo then you are bumping up against copyright and trademark laws that have the potential to land you in a lawsuit. There are people who copy stuff all the time and seem to get away with it but IMO it's not worth the risk. In a lot of ways it depends on the application. I have a "Hardly (not Harley) Davidson" logo that I built to poke fun at a home built bobber bike I built a few years back, I still wear it on my own clothes but I don't sell it 'cause I want to keep my house.
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    Okay heres a question- I love the calligraphy initials and I was thinking about doing one for my sisters baby shower gift. Here is the problem. The girls initials are going to be LLL and every time i've tried it thus far it looks weird... any suggestions?
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    Its $20 a foot for a 48x12 piece. Plus with design fee and pricing structure I have in place it pays for itself
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    Slice is 100% correct. I did a lot of research on the net before I made a "beware" sign. We needed it to alert people (mail, deliveries, etc.) that there were large dogs on the property. It it strongly advised to NOT say "beware" as this does mean that your dog is dangerous and you will be liable. Period! What the legal folks recommended was a "Be Aware" notice as this simply means that you are advising people that such dogs exist on the property and no danger is inferred. Luckily, people will simply read this as "beware" instead of what it actual says. It has worked well for me for quite some time now. Here is the sign I have in front of my house:
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    For those wanting to know the answer. Certain files are protected in windows. This can be done with the Attributes. A file can be hidden from view. A file can be locked as a "read only" file. The TTF files in windows are "read only" If you have administrative rights on the computer you can change the attributes and remove un-needed files.