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    I was looking to do some contour cuts around transfers on the regular JPSS and needed a backing material. I have an old cricuit cutting mat but it's too sticky and destroys the paper trying to get it off there not to mention bulky to work with. So I tried some of my R-Tape Clear Choice AT60 medium tack app tape and Whallaaa! Perfect! Has enough hold to provide a good backing but light enough tack to be able to pull up the paper after the cut. I didn't try any higher tack as this will work great for me.
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    When I started i had an "L" shaped glass computer desk. When I needed a light table I just stuck a table lamp under the desk. Nothing fancy for sure but it don't get any easier and cheaper than that. Both things I already owned!
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    Just finished a new piece for my work shop. 3/8" thick cut and polished the edges. Mahogany base with red led lights
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    As I bite my tongue, I say this... They have had a lot of problems with the quality of the zenblank banners, I personally would suggest you go with something other than the zenblank.
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    Im looking at getting some transparent vinyl, from US Cutter, ORACAL 8300 Transparent Calendered Vinyl 24" x 10 Yard Roll. First, i just assume my Graphtech should cut it?? Next, how well does it apply? I am looking at doing something for my back window on my truck and topper, and how well its visible to still see thru it, as opposed to my regular 651 vinyl i have on there now. Also, is the transparent stuff still able to be done in layers??? Anyone have any work examples to show and share?? Thanks
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    the font is swingset if anyone is interested
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    Youd have to search but its pretty self explanatory I would think, if you have done any vinyl before. EDIT: That wasnt meant rude. Didnt know how to word it cause the question kinda threw me for someone advertising wraps. I would think layering decals would be a breeze for someone who can do that. LOL I want to get into them but they scare me a bit.
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    SIgnPro? I didn't scroll back but if I said SignPro it was a typo. Sure cuts a lot pro (SCALP) is the house software here. Sigh Cut Pro is basically a cut only program to bring your designs into and cut from. I used Sign Cut Pro for a couple years with Corel Draw until I bought SCALP to run my cutter and finally bought Flexi Starter to run the Graphtec with. I'm not sure if you can export in a filetype that signblazer and sure cuts will both work with but there are a lot of people on here who may already know the answer to that and may chime in.
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    Here are my thoughts on the current administration...
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    long story short I had cs2 & now I dont. I want to be able to view my AI & EPS files & make a book of all my files to be like a catalog. I cant for the life of me find an AI viewer that actually works! I have tried everything on line it seems!I really just need a viewer.
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    I did this job last weekend and was due to get paid today... this is not about that but haven't heard from the customer till today She informed me today she is not happy with the sign because of the sign on the business next door... which isn't mine by the way... she says because of the purple sign next door nobody will see hers I don' get it Look at the pic and let me know what you think Thanks MM64
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    UPDATE Got paid no problem... her and the landlord decided to tint that one window. not sure if its been done yet I have more work up there Sat. so I'll see then if it done... I post pix if it is MM64
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    When I looked earlier today they didn't have any Zen blank banners in stock. Looks like there aren't going to carry them anymore. So my vote is for a Greenstar because they have that in stock.
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    My problem with remembering to do regular prints from my pigment/dye printers is that I only seem to remember to do so when I'm nowhere near my printers... So, today I realized that using Google Chrome, I can make my printers available via Google Cloud Print and then set a reminder on my phone and whenever it goes off, I can tap the screen a few times and remote print a test page from wherever I am at the time, and voila - problem solved! Already tested it and was able to print an image to all 3 printers - takes about 20 seconds to do.... Sometimes it's the little things in life that excite me.
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    It's something to do with that pesky first amendment, something about free speech and all that
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    NO !!! The President's men will hunt you down and take care of you!!!!
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    $179.99 Studio Designs 10072 Futura Craft Station, Black/Clear Glass http://www.amazon.com/gp/other/aw/d/B008BR8KC4?cache=7f472270722d7dbb3f432bdd242c023f#ref=mp_s_a_1_1&qid=1392078700&sr=8-1&precache=1
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    did she approve the color and design - that should be enough - I think yours looks very nice and more classy than purple
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    Thought ya got lost. I'm glad to help since it gives me more practice and hopefully I can add vector conversion to my business in the near future. If you need anything just give a holler and I'll see what i can do. Jay
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    Sure cuts a lot pro is good for cutting but very lacking in design features. Also Flexi starter10 can be had for around $100 on the big auction site. Both are programs you own, no subscriptions.
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    I use inkscape but the problem with InkCut is its for linux. i'm on windows. Kinda in a pinch is what the problem is. Dont really like SignBlazer. Just not my cup of tea. Use to signcut. All the files types I usually use wont transfer to SignBlazer. Otherwise I may play with it for a while. However i have 43 order sitting in front of me and currently have no way to cut them. I really think we need another free alternative. Even if it is simple and able to read most file types. I have coral draw x3 and inkscape even the plug ins people want you to pay for them. I dont have the cash right now as i invested all of it in supplies. But supplies dont matter if I can not cut the designs I need to cut. Sign Blazer just takes to much time at the current moment. This is the whole problem. I went to school for software development. If I ever get free time I think I need to make a cut program for people that doesnt cost hundred to thousands. Like $10 bucks or something for a donation. I dont know just me thinking out loud I guess. Any ideas.
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