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    wheel accents wrapped with orange oralite the circuit board is black reflective (white reflective at night) almost invisible in daytime.
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    I used knifeless tape to outline the old faded stripes and just laid vinyl right over the old ones, pulled the knifeless string and presto. The owner felt like the value went up about $20k, thats a happy customer.
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    first thing are you cutting on the shinny side? if so turn it over... should be cutting on the dull side MM64
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    Meadowlark's Lemon.
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    I know what you mean. My full time job was as a correctional officer, so I know the importance of not being misunderstood.
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    Ahhhhh yeah, Sweet Georgia Brown. And that's CURLY alongside Meadowlark.
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    YES!!!! at least at my stores, it is slower in the colder months.
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    Well its almost 40degrees out now...what a difference from a week ago!!
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    water line fixed. 2 hour job with friends help from church and saved $300. cost $3. in supplies.
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    Thanks all Thanks Skarekrow for the illustrator settings. Thanks, OW
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    That price would reflect higher quality cast vinyl which is recommended for this type of work but if calendered is acceptable I'd be somewhere around $400 depending on whether there are screws or rivets to contend with.
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    http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/topic/40038-posting-copyrighted-content-not-even-once/ How using Google Images can cost you 8000 (or much more if published for express purpose of reproduction by others) http://www.signtorch.com/store/super-bundle/deer-elk/deer-fight-6.html http://www.signtorch.com/store/super-bundle/deer-elk/buck-26a.html
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    I think you get more bang for the buck with a Graphtec, The stand is standard equipment, with a Graphtec. You have to purchase the stand extra, with a Roland. And I would never have a vinyl cutter without a stand. Many thought they could get by without the stand, and regretted it right away.
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    Squashed is smooshed with a negative squish. I think.
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    yep, i couldn't live in the cold. I sleep with my electric blanket on in the summer so you knowi couldn't make it.
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    Jason, I Played with it in Illustrator and yes, the best I could come up with in colors was kinda wonky. I switched up and traced it as black and white with slightly better results... the settings I used (in CS3) are as follows; threshold 62, path fitting 1.5px, min area 5px, corner angle 20. these settings produced 44 paths with 311 anchors. At this point I should disclose that I rarely use Illustrator for tracing so others may have better results. I am much more proficient with Inkscape and the file yielded very good results with both color and b&w outputs. The above applies to the Navy Chief graphic request you posted here
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    Register your software. Until you do that, it will make random cuts through the design. Or even better yet, change to another design/Cut software program. Download SignBlazer ELEMENTS from US CUTTER -- Free.
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    I've heard that you shouldn't use the clear app tape with the wet application method. It doesn't allow the liquid to dry from under it.