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    Im not leaving the house. Im watching 6 hours of Football! Then nap, then eat, then nap then eat more then go to bed.
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    I got the small cutting boards from the Dollar Tree. They seem to have taken off real well in the crafting world. $tree can't keep them in stock. I had people all around me checking their stores. The large cutting boards came from Walmart. They are regular stock. Run around $6-7 . Dont' forget to reverse cut and put on back so they are useable and hand washable. I love mine. I have several diff. designs but didn't want to bore ya'll with all of them. Thanks. they were fun and easy. The front of the boards have a slight texture which makes you wonder about the design showing but as you can tell it is great.
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    Another trick I have learned is that if you are layering smaller vinyl and need it to be perfect you can pull the transfer and vinyl off the backing and lay it on a piece of parchment paper which is nearly see through and then get it right where you want it. I usually leave a little hanging off one end and once I get it where I like it I tape that end down and slip out the parchment for perfect alignment. I use this with or without registration marks but mostly on smaller >14" designs.
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    I have attached the spreadsheet I have created for my business. These prices are based on the oracal 651 vinyl and the oracal fluorescent. I have been using this calculator for the past year and it works great for me. I have never had anyone ask about the pricing I use and it makes it nice for anyone in my shop to be able to price something without having to bother me. LOL Criticize if you please I am just throwing out my 2 cents on the whole "Pricing Thing" Hope this helps anyone in need. Decal%20Pricing%20Formula.xlsx.zip
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    I know its not thanksgiving yet but I'm not gone be around tomorrow. I just wanted to tell everyone how thankful I am for all the help I've recieved on here. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY !!!!
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    The only thing I'd warn you about is chromablast is not suplimation. It works on cotton only. From the description "Where the ink chemistry and the transfer paper coating chemistry touch, there is a crosslink reaction under heat and pressure that chemically bonds the image to the cotton." Other than that I think you have a good starting point for sublimation. My vote goes Ricoh and I've owned both.
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    How we gonna keep it a secret if you keep telling everybody. Geez.
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    Well i just ran crazy through the dollar store picked up a lot of blank items here is one i just did little hard to see Its a start. 1dollar candle
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    Cutting boards, now THAT's cool.
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    I purchased a roll of the AT60 back in July and had the same problem with the tape not lifting the decal. I know this was an issue early on and was even told by USCutter themselves that the issue has been resolved. Well my roll was bad. So I contacted USCutter and sent them a video of the problem I was having with the tape, and they gave me a partial refund so I used it towards their Greenstar clear high tack tape and couldn't be happier. I'm on my second roll of the Greenstar and it's been great stuff. I've also used the Main Tape Preview and it's absolutely horrible. Just like you said, it leaves glue residue on the vinyl. Not acceptable. I've even used the Main paper tape and I think it sucks as well. At least my roll does. So far I've been very happy with USCutter's Greenstar tape, both clear and paper.
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    Theresa, those are great. Where do you get your cutting boards?
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    If they cracked probably no lexan. I have taken out plexi that p eople have used as faces and they would just fall apart. I would guess you have a supplier fairly close to buy some pan faces and translucent vinyl.
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    OMG Too much I may have to have Scott do that for me but with a alligator. I would just be afraid it would cause to many accidents ;D
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    The less time the vinyl is on the better... so right after the event remove the old dates before they go into storage That will be easier than trying to do it in a year when they want to use them again.. MM64
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    From the album: graniteguy

    This is taken directly from a Dover book. It's part of a 10X10 inch trivet.
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    From the album: graniteguy

    10X10 inch, 2 cm
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    From the album: graniteguy

    10X10 inch plaque, 2 cm.