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    I thought I'd add one more thing to the list here. I found these LED lights with a magnetic base on eBay and picked up two. They sure make a difference in being able to see. http://www.ebay.com/itm/200888572682?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 they even come with 2 plastic wire clamps to keep the wire out of the way.
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    Here's my go at vectoring it. CrossRoadsCowboyChurch.eps
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    I love my catch basket. You need one that slides into it's self. Then it is out of the way. On mine, front and back slide in. It's standard factory.
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    I delivered my first 15 shirt, Heat Transfer Vinyl, order last week. Upon taking a second order from my customer he asked my why I put 15 copies of washing instructions in the box of shirts. I explained that a copy of the instructions should have been given with each shirt. All I got was a bewilered look from him. I told him why and then he saw the light. On the second batch I made for him I printed the instructions on 2 x 4 shipping labels and stuck the label inside each shirt by the collar. Hopefully this will do the trick.
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    I made one of those "what my mom thinks I do" meme things about Jeeps the other day with no real purpose for it. So I decided to use the starter pack of Siser I got and make a shirt. It has a few small defects, but let me know what you guys think.
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    So I have been working this week on getting some things ready for my first craft show. This is a picture of how i will be displaying alot of things..
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    Very simple instructions: Turn shirt inside out and wash in cold water. Air dry in dryer(inside out with NO HEAT) or put on a hanger(right side out) to dry.
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    double sided carpet tape would work really well, so long as you don't want to remove them. That stuff does not want to let go when it's put on smooth flat surfaces.
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    They part of our Polar Bear Club
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    Many of us just make our own reg. marks when doing the actual design. I use the "+" for my reg. and for example I'm doing a red and blue design I'll make the plus green and when I go to cut I'll cut red and green then blue and green together.
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    SeeJay those cups are the acrylic drinking cups. drdgraphix my wife had found that grid on craigslist about a year ago. We could not find a local place to purchase it. I think my wife had looked online for it at one point and the shipping cost was way to high. This is my first show so i will only be carrying a few pre cut decals and they will be images of the breast cancer ribbon for cancer awareness.
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    I thought I was going to have to find some small pieces of steel to allow the magnets to work but surprisingly the sides of my plotter are steel. I attached the supplied cable clamps under the screws that secure the end covers to the plotter, they hold the cables out of the way of the vinyl and cutter head. They are made in China and the flexible section could be broken if moved to far but they have been on my plotter for months with no problem. I will say that the magnets are very strong, so there's no worrys about the lights falling off.
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    I do not Not believe I said there was a Better Brand.. I said Inexpensive.. I Only use Oracle as well.. I refuse to use anything But, Oracle.. With that being said... 631, is hand down CHEAP.. I pay like 11 bucks a ROLL for 15 inch, and 23 a ROLL for 24 inch.. that would explain my comment "....Being this is Oracle 631, and is very inexpensive...." (being she Linked to SIGNWAREHOUSE, she is more then likely paying the same as I pay for my vinyl, as I have used them as a supplier for years) There is No Better Brand Then Oracle.. I never Claimed There Was, Nor Did I Imply, There was a Better Brand.. I didn't say, "Hey, since your using such cheap knock off vinyl, why don't you just send her another one for free".. Your Words..... (because I really feel that it is, especially for the price)......... <---- Key Word.... PRICE... "word of mouth is everything... Being this is Oracle 631, and is very inexpensive, it may payoff, to resend her a decal.. If you don't, its automatically something wrong with the decal, and your a bad business person, etc... if you resend, and it fails again, its obviously her walls.. Ask her if her walls look like an Orange.. if there textured, it takes an Enormous amount of patience to apply these to those walls... Chances Are, that is what the problem is.. just my 2 cents.."
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    the ice showers are for after the sauna - it's a siberian thang
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    I've been kinda looking at rural land in southern MO and wonder what the are is like especially the winter months. Also if anybody on here is familiar I am curious as to how stringent building codes are in place in this region. Way off topic from vinyl but I think it's time I move farther from civilization before I hurt 1 of these idiots around me. If you live in that area do you love it or hate it and why.
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    One suggestion now that you are starting your library is to organize now while you don't have that many. Come up with a system, it will make it easier to find the one you need.
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    I have two folders ......the first one is where the Hell is it and the second is WTF... But i usally manage to find what i am looking for. All my completed jobs are named for the job like daycare if multiple files for the job i do job name 1 or 2 etc.
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    I'm liking this forum. It's a good group of people with alot of helpful ideas
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    Thanks for all of that.. I did change my design.. And that is why i post it here before i put it on my truck !!!
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    I usually cut 2-3 feet at a time.. so then i can cut them off the plotter and then weed them while I'm cutting more
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    I'll give you $55 for all that vinyl so you can say you made money Nice find!
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    I just went to his store and they're all for sale. I don't know why he bought so many either, must have had big huge no colossal plans I still can't get over the "This has never been used because we couldn't figure it out. Not home user friendly" maybe they should have rented a store front, then they might have been able to figured it out.
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    Like I said earlier I'd be more than happy to store it for you and I promise I'll leave you some.
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    I was just looking on CL and I believe I know where all the used MH cutters end up.
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    i thought about trying to make some Plastisol Tranfers.. i watched the youtube video on it lol