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    I really need to get into see the eye Dr, I constantly find myself leaning in close to the screen to see.
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    Maybe you should get that looked at.
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    Heres the one I made for the company who wanted it, using a font they use all over there store...
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    HEY ROGER, You are the guy who gave me idea for my big green font!
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    Laying the rolls on their sides can produce a band of mottle on the roll. I read this before about mottle, and found it again to post http://www.greatlakesgraphicsupply.com/_fileCabinet/Mottling_Information_Sheet.pdf
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    lol last time i held my thumb out, i wasnt looking, and guess who pulls up YEP! I was walking and he still asked for my license lol. I guess i should of said u want to see my registration too
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    In the construction side I will refuse to do something that could be a danger to someone but if they want a room painted barney purple and green ill do that the same on a sign . The sign that I put on my truck or job would reflect my image not the sign makers. If I go to a restaurant and ask for a rare ribeye I would not accept a chicken breast because the waiter thought it was what I should have. In almost all instances the customer is right .
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    Ok, It's now Sure Cut Pro mouse is working just fine, Here is what I did: 1. Updated the mouse software. Had a M.S. Laser mouse. 2. Changed the DPI Scaling to default of 96 DPI. Control panel--Personalizing-- adjust font size DPI. 3. Reboot. Right now Sure Cut pro mouse is working back to normal. Ya'll have a good day george
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    This has to be 1 of the more interesting conversations in awhile. I guess we need to agree to disagree.
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    Now that's not right.... lol