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    I quickly setup the Gallery feature. Some of the settings may need to be changed along the way. Give it a try and let me know what you think.
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    Well, it looks like we finally have a successful conversion. I must say, Ryan Ashbrook from IP.Board really stuck through this process. My experience with IP.Board's staff thus far has been great. I am sorry for the downtime this last couple days, but we should be fully functional now. I can't wait for people to upload attachments so that I can see the new Gallery feature. I look forward to our future with this new board.
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    Title for this section is " Forum Rules & Announcments ". Is Announcements mispelled on purpose? Jay
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    +1 The worst part of the change is all the lost resourses from the old posts..You used to count on what is no longer there...But guess now we have to rely on each other rather than to say..."SEARCH TAB IS YOUR FRIEND"...LOL we will move on and make it better... stetson5331 p.s my avatar didn't come with the change I to had to reload..
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    Sorry for the down-time. Things should be OK now.