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    Curious to see what you guys would charge for something like this. I have done business with this guy in the past and he is a great customer but I have never done anything of this sort and not sure what to charge. Before anyone pipes in, my overhead is low and this is just my side hobby business. I am looking to apply vinyl to body of this Excursion from the seam in the body up to the top of the roof to adjoin to another seam. Cutting out all the windows. Very similar to a car wrap but only for the top of this Excursion from door to door. Attached is a picture of the area I am talking about. Using performance vinyl and don't need a price for that. Just curious to see what you guys would charge for the labor on this. He lives a while three miles from my house and it would be a cash deal. Area is about 15' x 36" on each side. Thoughts?
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    i sell these mugs at the car show in my town, $8 each. i have one with a motorcycle in it, but havent made any yet.
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    here is something that may or may not work for you seatbelt1.EPS
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    Yep came riding in on his hog a couple days ago lol