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    Man, I just mastered straight lines and now you want me to try circles??!!!! Ok, I'll give it a try, sounds cool. Thanks for the tip.
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    Most any cutter comes with cutting software . The choice of cutters is relevant to what you want to do and the price range . Any cutter will cut vinyl the more costly cutters will perform better,quieter and with more accuracy . Do you think you will sell enough stickers or are you doing signs and banners etc . You could always start with a cheaper cutter and move up if you like cutting vinyl . Dan
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    I did a forest green truck a few months ago and used silver it looked really sharp...
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    If not get a usb keyspan, my works great!
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    Hiya SA, good to see you man. Yeah, I'm alive, barely lol Hope you guy's are doing well. Get Rodger a hog quick! heheeeh
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    Point. > you would love bf3 its real nice game play but just limit your self ... i do the same .. i was dying to play yesterday but i was like nah... put a movie on instead ... got to have brakes lol you ever start playing it look me up on teamspeak. My old man he loves theses games to he almost 60 years old and he is a gamer so is my mother ... lol so funny
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    I guess not. I'm like the poor relation that gets to come to the family get-togethers but has to sit at the children's table.