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    Hello and welcome to the forums! We are all here to help each other with all sorts of questions and comments, but in order to get started you will need to become a full fledged member. You begin as rank of Newbie but you can graduate much easier than with most schools! You simply need to pass the test of respect for the forum Due to the constant spammers in the world we have created a new rule that still allows new members to create new posts, but those posts will need to be approved by a moderator before they are saved as a public post for others to view and reply to. This includes any kind of post, whether you create a new topic or your first post is just a reply to someone else's post. This will help weed out a lot of the spammers and scammers that like to post unhelpful things like ads and general spam, and this should make for a cleaner spam free forum. There is more good news though! We have lots of people who help moderate these forums, including our very own USCutter tech support as well as other forum users such as yourself! They have chosen to go out of their way and assist in keeping this a functional and useful tool for everyone that comes here. So, a thank you and big respect to those Moderators! Please keep in mind, if you are having trouble with using the forums there are always friendly fellow forum members who are willing to sort out the problem for you. Thanks so much for coming here! And we hope you enjoy this free useful tool for all of your projects and questions.
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    I did a big trailer in April just saw it today and I am a little concerned some of the letters are showing cracks, nothing that the customer is complaining about. From what I had read I expected the Oracal 651 to hold up better than this. Could this be because of old vinyl or heat (black trailer grey letters) just wondering at this point. All the other colors look great, just the grey.
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    Hi I have a 24in GCC expert cutter and I would like to get into doing wall art along with my t-shirts and decals. Would I need anything larger the a 24in. I would like to do home wall art and kids. I don't know if some wall art would be wider then 24in Any info on wall art would be great I have been trying to find a wall art forum but there isn't one. Would somebody like to start a area about wall art Pleeeeeeeeeeease. Thank you Susan
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    Alright everyone, I need some help! I have to many people asking me if I make shirts so now I am going to. What is the main difference between the following machines (besides swing and clam) http://www.uscutter.com/15-x-15-Clamshell-Heat-Press-110v-FLHP3802110V http://www.ebay.com/...=item5d34d8d46f http://www.ebay.com/...=item2a20f9e186 Help me decide! I will not be doing a lot of shirts, maybe 2 a day or so.. Which one should I get?
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    hy Cutter crew and members! i want to make some EPS Files, to tune up my Impreza ,o) ive Corel 12 but i cant find -> invert jpg or bmp to EPS File? I would have this Logos in EPS File ... but have many troubles ... can anyone help me? here ive JPEG Pic: or does know anyone a good EPS free download? hope anyone can help me greets from austria Wolfy
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    Are there any active moderators beside US cutter personnel and Banner John?
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    http://www.ebay.com/itm/140813756827 San Diego Comic-con 2012 Batman Dark Knight Rises Sticker Exclusive if you see some decals on ebay that you will like to share.... please do.
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    Anyone on here doing window film installations, not talking cars, but buildings... Was recently contacted by a company and asked if we could do an install on a glass entry door. Not a decorative film by any means.... blast mitigation/fragmentation retention film.... Just wondering if anyone has experience with this type of film or any type of protective window film for that matter? Bruce
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    A few months ago, I mentioned my idea about placing a pop-up canopy in front of my sign store, to attract attention. I meant to post a photo, but forgot about it. Well, here ya go.
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    exactly when does this new rule go into effect?
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    so much bad on the 871, i just wanted to say mine's been flawless for over a year (very moderate usage, like maybe 2-3 times a month)... i just need some help with which blades to buy, i think "clearcut"? is the way to go... anybody have a direct link to the blades i need, i don't want to get the wrong stuff.
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    I think you mean anchor points. I have Illustrator CS2. Mine is OBJECT>PATH>SIMPLIFY
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    i got one and i love it no hickups at all and makes nice clean cuts and even small fine stuff