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    Pretty easy for the most part except for the sheer size and mass of a 18oz banner Good amount of single color easy weed stuff !! Thanks for looking.. J.T
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    came out great, very bold and sharp
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    LFS Performance Graphics www.lfsperformancegraphics.com The LFS comes from Liquid Fusion Studio, which is my other business, Professional Electric Tattooing & Photography www.liquidfusiontattoo.com Bruce
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    Hint hint try your threshold around 700 ‚Äčand the font is academy engraved or cathedral open bookmark this site http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/
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    Im assuming you did "trace bitmap" not a manual trace. You probably used the multiple scans in the bottom block of the selection. For this you should do "brightness cutoff" That is the very first block. That is what youll do 99% of your traces with. You might have to invert image, so just try it both ways. This should be very easy to trace. Play around with the threshold, and work with it until you get yourself a good starting point. When I do trace bitmap, I usually do at least 6 or 7 traces with different thresholds. Work with it and if you keep having trouble Ill give it a go. But its better to learn it yourself. Teach a man to fish kind of thing. Oh and try and find that font, its always advised to not use traced fonts. You wont get good results.
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    Check the stick figures collection out at My Vinyl Designer .com it contains numerous uniforms heads, boys, outfits, ect. I have the collection and love it! I would share it but i'm pretty sure it's some sort of copyright I purchased it, you can to! It's not very expensive and you will earn your money back form buying the file pretty fast. Highly recomenmd it!
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    Also try Spotify. Pretty nice, it's like a mix of Pandora and iTunes. You type in any song, artist, or album and it will pull up everything and let you play it free. They were calling it the iTunes killer in Europe, which I doubt, but it was nice the couple of times I used it. Plus it's FREE.
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    Nice, I'm gonna need something like that for my small shop space.
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    looks great, really need to get a rack for my workshop
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    Looks great. When I set the vinyl on the rollers, I hold the roll and pull it snug before I put the pinch rollers down. Then I take it offline and roll it out a distance to make sure it is tracking straight before cutting.
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    There isn't just a straight answer, so many ways to get business, and any successful business have most likely used many of those ways to get where they are... In no particular order: cold calling, website, facebook, asking friends/relatives for work, ads on Craigslist (if it's in your area), set up at car shows, sports tourneys, put a sign on your front lawn,ask previouscurrent employers, offer to do things for free or cost to get your work out there. The list goes on and on and on... did I say on? Not to sound like a jerk or crass but there's no easy 1 thing you do and presto, you have a business. You have to work very hard to get the business and then work hard to make sure you keep it. Go to Google and research: " how to market your small business free" and you'll find plenty of ways to get your name out there. Have cards made and tell everyone you know, everyone you meet, and everybody else that will listen about your new venture. Keep knocking on doors so to speak, do good work at reasonable price and do what you say, and the business will come. "build it and they will come" as the saying goes, you just have to build it. Not trying to come down on ya or anything but it takes alot of hustle and determination to have a successful business. Good Luck! Alan (22 years of working for myself doing it the right way, wrong way, and everything in between, but still kickin'" :-)
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    I didn't download because I don't need it.but I am thanking you anyway. It is appreciated,even if some people don't feel the need to say so.
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    Thanks Blues...my dad was able to vect me these, which are too cool not to share/ buzzlightyear1.eps woody1.eps buzzlightyear1.eps woody1.eps