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    Big thx to John, had an order for 85 decals ran out of white. we live close enough, I drove to his house and he sold me a roll. great guy.
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    I have been on a mission lately to debug a problem I had with parts of my file not being cut. In summary, it wasn't static or memory but more likely Signcut Pro. I have a US Cutter Refine MH 721. I running XP and CorelDraw X4. I was using Signcut Pro but was having difficulties on larger file size cuts. It would skip over large portions. Sometimes it would just misbehave. So I grounded everything, didn't fix it. I bought the larger memory, didn't fix it. I installed Signblazer 6.05, fixed. Not exactly sure what the root cause is but has to do with how data is being transfered to the plotter. Signblazer 6.05 does not have the Refine drivers but I'm using RedSail RS720C which is working very well (note: The DMPL driver worked but the scaling was slightly larger than actual size (1"x1" was more like (1.01" x 1.01")). After all this research, I decided to make it more simple for newbies. If you want the latest and best version of Signblazer Elements with a crack that gets rid of trial mode, visit www.mystat.com and scroll down to the bottom. Also, we added a helpful user guide for MH series cutters that addresses grounding issues, loud printing, rip software and others: http://www.mystat.com/user-guide-tips-fixes-uscutter-mh.pdf cheers.
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    This is a job i did today! I did 10 of them 23 x 7 inches
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    Started doing a run of shirts for a local VFD.... This is the finished product.... Used Siser Reflectall Silver on 50/50 poly cotton Navy blue shirt. Bruce
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    Thanks man! Nothing against you SeeJay... I appreciate that you like my design enough to want it. I definitely take it as a compliment. I just don't like how there are so many people out there that just get by, by using other people's work. If someone is serious enough about making this their trade they should familiarize themselves with the tools available to them. By no means am I an expert, but I have spent plenty of time learning to be efficient enough to do my own work. I am still learning everyday, and I'm constantly looking for new things to learn to make my work better. Just picked up a book called 'Vector Basic Training' by Von Giltschka. Really good so far, I highly recommend it! That paired with Inkscape (which is FREE) is a great place to start designing your own vectors!
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    Thanks guys! Giving out my work only degrades the value of it. Sorry man, I spend too much time and effort to just hand it out. If you're looking for vectors for design... go to vectorstock.com. You have to pay for credits, but 1 credit = $1.00. Paying $1 for a vector that will aid in a $200-$300 job is pretty hard to beat.
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    Well LOL come to indiana and help
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    I just ordered a roll of the Greenstar Lime Green and was very impressed with it. I will post pictures tomorrow when I get to the shop but it is very bright and vibrant.
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    I know how that goes Working on a quote now for 3 tractor trailers and 2 tractors as well 200 36x36 signs for the inside of the factory.
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    FDC makes several cast premium 6 and 9 year bright colors. Try FDC 2100 Vibarant Green #247
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    That looks like a flourescent, which does not hold it's color as that well if it's outdoors or exposed to sunlight. I use Oracal products and in 651, they make a lime tree green, #063 but it's not a bright as that is... Everyone makes flourescents, just depends in usage and expected time of longetivity. Hope this helps, Alan
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    GRRRR When your wife has 2 cats you know how hard it is to keep HAIR Off Static Shit LOL and this VINYL !!! OMG I thought cat hair would be the death of me on this project! I really need to get some space and get a working place besides my home !!! oh well.. I like it at home just cause i can watch my daughter and work at the same time but on the other hand all she wants to do is steel my excess stickers lol This job did teach me alot of layering vinyl and some new skills and techniques
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    +1 even a product that makes you think of the original one it's a cw offense as well..If I have read it right..It's called image something or another.. Now why if it makes me think of the orig and it's not the orig would that be CW infringment? A hot day makes me think of a Bud light so can a person be sued for a hot day...The impossibilities are endless...LMAO!!