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    my first project on my graphtec - entitled ka-pow was fun to make - took a while weeding though!! http://www.10tonvinyl.com
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    I bought the 24" white rtape application tape, and it is just way to big for anything I need. I have used max half of a yard out of the 100 yard role. Any anyone is interested, let me know.
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    Hello and welcome you can download inkscape for design and vector work it is a free software and signblazer can be downloaded from this forum. Good luck with your new venture. Dan
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    thanks you guys/ladies and i have spoken with the customer and it seems like he was mad at first but he said i was the person right for the job because i started on it right away and he didnt mind the extra because he knew it had been there over a year and it may have been harder to get off than expected and the sign came out great in my opinion. so id thank you for your advice and have a great day/night PS WHERE THE WHITE SPOT IS WAS THE NUMBER OF THE COMPANY
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    Here it is Cow Girl. I think I have barbwire too. I will check and post when I find it. Cowgirl-kick.EPS And thanks to all that posted their file.