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    what you are referring to is advance after plot, If it does not do that, even though you have advance after plot checked in the cutting software, it's not going to, The cutter cannot read the the command. You will just have to advance the vinyl manually and cut it off.
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    LOL Looks like Roxanne made another friend on this forum.
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    I'm not real sure if I understand your problem, Are you saying while it is cutting that the vinyl is not moving? Or that it does not move forward after the job is done? the advance after plot command feature does not work on all vinyl cutters. Some cutters cannot read it. But make sure you have advance after plot clicked in your software, also note Flexi8.1 is not even Vista compatible, and was not Vista compatible til version 8.5, and your running it on a newer operating system than that.
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    Yes ma'am I did.... you do it for him if you don't like the file Roxy.... now there's an idea!
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    Here you go, just break apart the pieces you are wanting to keep or not wanting to keep etc. Hope This Helps Warrant Officer Insignia.eps
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    Beautiful job, love the color selection!
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    I'm sure your family will have a great time....I plan on eventually getting their with my kids...they may all be moved out, but we are STILL going!
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    Ive been a member for a long time and have never uploaded a photo of myself LOL! Figured it was about time! This was taken a month or two ago so its recent, Sorry if I offend anyone! LOL!!!
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    I agree thanks for adding the new pics!
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    Super Dak, do you mean the Yard signs? You can make the screens and screen print you just need a Vinyl ink. Also you can use a Cutter/plotter and use vinyl instead of ink.
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    How large will the finished product be?...There are lots of fine lines that may almost disappear at a small size....At 1st glance I would run for cover if asked to do something like that....
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