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    Here is a pic of an Initial Frame I made today. They seem to sell pretty good. Most people buy them for wedding gifts. What do you think?
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    OK...more proof that I'm blonde...how do I delete or move this? I think I put it in the wrong forum...
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    Chad, I can give you a quote for screen printing, transfers, and/or which printer, heat press and ink to use. Paul ScreenPrintR@hereuare.com 732-773-1339
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    Hello! So...I want to move my cutter and after looking for a long usb cable in local stores and not finding anything I decided that must not be the way to do it. So I move on to thinking maybe I should be using wireless and remembered I had bought something years ago that I never used. I have this thing: http://www.dynexproducts.com/products/computers/DX-WGUSB.html. I know it's ancient but could I use it to connect the cutter? If not, what other options do I have? Thanks much for any ideas - gotta jump on the spring cleaning thing when it hits!! Di
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    I had made a pissing Calvin magnet and put it on the back of my truck, I would make little magnets to piss on ,what ever pissed me off, Line Dancers,Union Maintenance Workers,Texters, whatever well first some one stole Calvin and the little magnet of a broken heart,so I made Calvin a decal, but someone kept stealing the little magnets ,till one day my daughter suggest I make one that said "Magnet Thieves" it stayed there for about 2 months till I felt safe to try a different one, next morning that one was gone.