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    Well the storm ended it's fury down here and we made it through. We were lucky that the eye of the storm missed us. We had a few fruit trees go down and got our power back last night. No damage to the house or cars. I'll be spending a lot of time with my chainsaw today. Thanks to everyone.
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    ohhh lord just noticed the new like emot options - this is going to be interesting
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    Meh. Jerry Bonham realized that most beginners simply want to be able to just type some words/text and then send it to their budget cutter. Which it does just fine, no pain, no strain. He also included some very useful features, such as the wide-ranging Graphics library (Draw menu) and a fairly decent vector engine. For anyone who wants to check it out, here's the link to the full instruction/tutorial manual. Be aware that HotShot/Pro is not the release which is currently available for download (SB ELEMENTS UK Hybrid v7.0.0) and many of the features described in the manual are 'greyed out' in the SB Elements version --- especially RIP and other advanced tools. http://www.uscuttersupport.com/downloads/Software/SignBlazer/signblazer_manual.pdf I introduced a 12-year old to SignBlazer last week, and she was able to design, cut, weed, tape and apply, all within 5 minutes. (She wanted a Unicorn decal). If that's a crap program, then I don't know what the word 'crap' means in YOUR universe.
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    Got the CNC sign installl at the shop. mark-s
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    http://lmgtfy.com/?q=TitlingGothicFB+Normal+ Bold+Oblique
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    Custom font and design. 15 inch high X 36.5 wide. mark-s
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    Just put this together. mark-s AMERICAN MADE SIGN CNC PREP AND CUT.mp4
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    But yet many, many people have no problem with it and continue to use it. Yes, it is outdated. The owner passed away years back, and correct it has not been updated for several years.. It is abandonware. FREE. unlimited trial You need to use version 8 .ai or .eps files. And you can still find a user manual for it. And ALL of this info has been posted hundreds of times on this forum. It is still an option for people who don't want to spend several hundred $$$ on design and cutting software.to get them started.
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    There's nothing wrong with being a newbie. I was once too. You will have some investment in time in the early stages but it's worth it. Many of the new cutter owners give up on the graphics side of it and eventually lose interest altogether. If you hang tough and really work at it you will one day realize you are pretty much past the learning stage and into another phase of cutter life. I kid you not you will look back and wonder what seemed so hard. (assuming you actually work through the learning stages)
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    I'm sitting here watching the 8am forcasted path of this huge storm and hoping for the best. Leaving the area is out of the question due to the extreme fraffic, no place to go, fear of lack of gas, delays and the fear of being out on the open road during the storm. At this time, they are recommending that we all stay where are. My area is in the direct path of this storm. We deceided to put up our shutters, secure our house and hunker down. We are not in a flood zone but as of this forcast we will be facing winds of 150+mph with higher gusts. We have many forum members in Florida and in the path of this storm. To all of them I hope they stay safe. Arty
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    Amen Dakota. Wicked, I sort of specialize locally in this type of thing or used to before I got busy building shirts now I do much less of it. I have found the best way to get a good end product is to get into the mind of the originator and recreate it. Once in a while I'll bump across something abstract enough that it's hard to tell what they did to get from point A to point L but most of the time it's pretty simple stuff. You'll have some images like the soccer girl that you'll trace out (I am a big believer in manual hand tracing not auto trace) but all the rest is just boxes and circles welded together and some offset lines and rounded corners here and there. As you gain experience you will learn what's going to be a good layout for cutting and ways to minimize the effort. Meaning that you can build a logo several ways that all look the same at a glance or for print but are layered to be simplified specifically for cut, a term we often call "cut ready". If at all possible always take the time to find the font for text, it will come out nicer. If I absolutely can't find the font then I get one as close as I can and do some pushing and pulling to get it there. A job like that one might take me a half hour and Scarekrow (forum vector guru) can probably do it in half that. Take the image and set it into your design program and draw right over the top of it. I usually reduce the capacity by about half and lock it so it stays put. I also usually draw with no fill so I can easily see the image below. (In Illustrator I actually draw with no fill or stroke)
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    my first try at layering...actually my second, the first one, missed a little and the black was off from the white...this second one came out pretty good. I found X's work better than diamonds for me as reg marks.
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    Nothing wrong with sign blazer. I have used it since I started. Free, easy to learn/use (does have some limitations) and never fails me. In fact, I still use it today as my cutting program! I have other programs but still use sign blazer. I am trying to ween off of it but sometimes old habits are hard to break. Good luck with you current issue.
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    You may have the best, BUT from what I have seen in your posts, you don't know how to use them.. You don't even know a vector from a jpeg. You run an image thru VECTOR Magic and you don't know whether it is traced or not? Go learn the basics first before you complain. My 2c "Not sure if it was traced, I just copied and pasted it into vector magic then just hit the fully automatic button, I always seems to have problems with letter being out of shape, everything else I do is ok"
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    I think it needs another watermark
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    You'll always be welcomed. Thank goodness. But seriously I need to go buy a shovel tomorrow.
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    Well I've started to prepare. I'm not normally the type of person to buy something that I don't know when I'm going to use it but I am the type who likes to have the right tool for the job when I need it. I've purchased a generator interlock kit for my breaker box as well as a 30A twist lock inlet box. This will allow me to plug the generator into an outlet on the side of my house and power most everything inside. http://www.geninterlock.com/product/generator-interlock-kit-square-d-qo-homeline-150-200-amp-panel-transfer-switch/ http://www.geninterlock.com/product/30-amp-125250-volt-l14-30-4-prong-4-wire-transfer-switchgenerator-extension-cord-and-30a-generator-inlet/ 2nd thing is of course the generator. It was a tough call trying to juggle cost vs power size. In the end I realized I had the money and we're only talking about $200 difference. I went with the bigger Generac generator, 7500watts. I may not be able to power my central AC with it but with this size I'll be able to have 2 window AC unit going and still have hot water. https://www.powerequipmentdirect.com/Generac-5943/p5508.html This has also given me the idea to build a shed off the side of my house to store it as well as some things out of my garage. I love a good project like this. Something like this. I'm not going to be caught off guard again. Me and my family will be very comfortable if we ever lose power again. Question........... At what point are you considered a "Prepper" LOL
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    I had to open a couple too Cal to see - of course with my former profession my initial thoughts were . . ..
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    Life behind (handle) bars.
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    I'm back on-line........... It's been a very LONG and emotional 5 days. My county got ROCKED! I got to the hospital around 5pm Sunday to work the storm crew. The hospital lost power about 10pm Sunday night and we ran on generator for 12 hours. I worked throughout the storm making sure medical equipment was working correctly and making rounds. Finally got to go home around 5pm Monday. We lost power at the house around 2am Monday morning according to my neighbors. I was able to borrow a generator from a friend who didn't lose power but gas has been very hard to find. We've been running a flood light, the frig, and 2 fans ,very sparely, for days. I didn't have extension cords to run anything else. I had a very emotional 34 week pregnant wife. Between waiting 3 hours for gas, 2 hours for a decent cooked meal, crappy cell service, and hot sweaty nights it's just been long. I finally broke down and cried yesterday when my wife sent a selfie of her smiling and swimming at a friends house. It's been too long since I have seen her smile like that. Just really disappointed in my self for not being more prepared knowing in the future I'm going to have a little one to look out for also. Eye opening experience on what we take for granted. Everything you would need is GONE: Gas, Gas cans, water, food, extension cords, You name it. And places can't get trucks in to restock. You can't go anywhere because there's no telling when you're going to be able to get more gas. Restaurants might have power back on but they had to throw out all their food and can't get a truck in to restock. 1/2 mile long lines to get gas at only a few stations with both power and gas. Gas stations running out of gas often. All of our utilities are run underground so I didn't think it would take so long to restore power. For the future I've already purchased a generator for myself. I'm ordering the parts needed to wire it into the house electrical system. Need to buy gas cans to have on hand. I'm making a better list of food items we'll need. And now because we have a generator the list can include cold food. I'm also going to find a cheap window AC unit to run in a bedroom while we sleep. I'm just over it all....... Looking at the power company's restoration map it was looking like a few more days before we were going to get power back on. There was no planned restoration happening in my area. Thankfully after topping off the generator and firing it up around 8pm the power came on about 15 seconds later. I've learned my lesson......
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    Beat one within an inch of death. The rest will stay clear. Ha just kidding. (I have seven kids so I tend to be a little melodramatic) They make some edge sealers that you can glue down the edges with. HOWEVER you will some day want to remove these yourself and the glue will make it harder as well as stay behind after the vinyl is taken off causing additional work to get off.
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    Hi everyone, Over the last few months we've received numerous requests for free items as well as occasional customer discounts. All of those requests have not gone unnoticed. Last week we began testing a new feature on our website that will occasionally offer you special discount based upon items you plan on purchasing. The coupons provided are unique unto themselves in the way they will be offered exclusively on the cart page and will only be available for short durations. On top that, these coupons are offered specifically to the shopper in question, and cannot be attained any other way. When you click on the add to cart button from these new coupons, please wait for the item to be added to your cart and the coupon to apply. It can take several seconds, but you will be notified when your coupon has been applied. Take note that coupons may not apply if a special is already running on that specific product. We have done our best to ensure this doesn't happen, but if it does, please let us know. All in all, we appreciate each and everyone of you and your business. We hope you enjoy this new feature and find yourself earning the occasional discount in this new manner. Best regards, David
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    That's pretty much what I like to use. I buy some hand made tweezers at a local machinists supply store that a retired guy makes. They call them machinists tweezers and are for picking little bits of steel out of your fingers. They work fantastic for HTV and small elements. They are almost too sharp for some of the regular work so I use a larger pointed pair I bought somewhere for regular size regular vinyl. Biggest problem I have with the sharp ones is I live in a house full of girls and they are always taking them for their own use and don't put them back. They are pretty expensive at around $25 a pair but are made from spring steel and should last forever.
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    Tough spot. If I was busy I would pass. If I wasn't I would probably do it but with the most awesome letter of indemnification I could write up and have them sign it just so they know I was not going to hear any crap later when it starts coming up or when they don't like the edges of the original being visible though the new stuff. Sounds like they are going to keep bumping around and SOMEONE is going to eventually do it for them. Take their money, but that's just the redneck in my talking.
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    While I agree wholeheartedly with the rest, I can't begin to count all the clients that I have had who don't have their files. Either they never knew enough to ask for them, didn't pay the original designer or lost them somewhere. Most times the significance of a true vector file is lost on 90% of the general population. On the devils advocate side, this company obviously has someone doing their work to be showing up on race cars etc... so it doesn't exactly pass the smell test.
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    love to see the person with 2 years on the forum helping someone with 8 years of experience.
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    That's the problem with tracing applications. They either work okay, or work horribly. And they very rarely work great. Not sure what program you're using to trace. The one built into Corel lets you make some adjustments for level of detail, sharpness, etc. This helps mitigate the problem you're experiencing a bit by reducing the number of nodes it produces. This one is pretty simple, so a redraw wasn't too bad. LNL Soccer Logo.svg
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    I think I'll make a t-shirt with that on it........
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    A percentage of the money up front is standard practice for custom work about anywhere you go.
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    It's FREE and was created many years ago...it was and is a great little program. Kudos to Jerry that it still works with the newer PC software. If you want some more "up-to-date" design software... buy it. Just my 2 cents. Sue2
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    You state standard black. assuming that is 070 gloss? Personally I would not use gloss black inside, too much glare from the lights I would use 070M matte black... Just my 2c. It's the same price. .Let your buyer decide. Unless that is really what they wanted,
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    Just finishing up this set of Cornhole Boards. This is my design. I didn't grab it off the net but plenty out there. It was a PAIN to cut. Probably set it to cutter 8 times. Every time it would stop cuttting about 3/4 of the way through the job. Finally had to cut it in 2 section and tape together. Then used that as a template to stain my boards.
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    Little bit of PhotoShop will get you on your way. mark-s
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    Don't forget converting all liquid assets to gold.
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    Thanks bikemike... Cal
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    TitlingGothicFB Normal Bold Oblique mark-s
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    Good to know they have them in original packaging because I was unsure of that myself. All you uninitiated folks take special heed of Dakota's pressure warning because you will seriously hack up your first cut if you don't. (An possibly damage that brand new tip) Drop your pressure by about half and then work back into it with test cuts. Dramatic difference compared to stock blades in a value cutter.
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    Thank you both!! Ive had the cutter for over 3 years, 72" is the longest ive ever cut before, which is why I ask. It's just a wave pattern for a room border. It might be easier for the person to install in smaller sections anyways. Thanks for your recommendations! (And I definitely agree that it off tracks a bit on long cuts!)
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    So, after about 1 quadrillion stars, I have found that if you roll the vinyl slightly it loosens than and makes life a lot easier
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    This will be on display at the local police station. Love the detail.
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    you can also use the back end of a bic pen with a small piece of double sided tape on it .that you just dab the stars out with , if you understand what im saying.. Or the weeding tool for HTV that has a really nice hook style on it ,grabs really good. Siser Weeder Pick Tool from uscutter.
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    I use sewing needles, will pick them right out. Sewing needles in a pin cushion are part of my tools.
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    The little bubbles might settle down after they air overnight. The big bubbles one can poke a hole in to let the air escape. Squeegee the hell out of it. Xpaperman says to go from the middle out. This is while squeegeeing the transfer tape. I've never done coroplast wet, so not sure there. Pull up the transfer tape on the same plane as the coroplast, not straight up, ↔ not ↑.
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    Honestly that design is about as simple as you're going to get and a great place to start learning the craft. If you have a cutter you will need these skills anyway so why not take a moment and figure it out.
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    Are you hitting the original button first? How fast are you flying there? I only run between 2-5 speed. No need to fly. If your software is set correctly it will not go any further than what the design is..And it has to be under 11 x17 Move the carriage head to the right corner of the vinyl edge and hit origin button.
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    Jerry passed about 8 years ago - it is amazing signblazer still operates that many years later with several os updates - if Jerry had been able to continue development imagine how that would look today Taking time to learn how to work with vector graphics, creating them from scratch and not relying on tracing programs will give you much cleaner images to cut - as far as having the best software if you paid $3K for flexi to use on a liyu cutter . . . .I'll drop it there.. Just an observation the guy or gal from the UK seems to be stirring the pot with some inflammatory wording . if someone doesn't like the help of the people on the forum just choose not to help them learn. I believe the situation is caused by the NEWBIE not taking the time to understand and learn how vector software works causing frustration and trying to take the shortcut of tracing images and using "use a converter to convert to eps" - treating vectors images like you are working with raster images will continue to frustrate you disclaimer I do not work for USC and offer to help moderate on my own time - my comments are my own and not necessarily shared by the company that maintains the forum
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    You can't let that stuff get to you. I usually just do about what it sounds like you did and tell him that's a really great price. 9 of 10 times they are full of it and just trying to get you to drop your price. I have researched my local market and am priced just under the norm. There are a couple of screen print places in town that will do them cheaper but they are super slow and tend to make people upset one way or the other. (unreasonable set up fees, messed up shirts etc...) The closest (geographically) to me is really high priced, has a bad attitude AND is slow and this combination tends to send me more work than I can keep up with. I let them know that I am usually lower than anyone (even if only pennies) on the one off short order work and have fairly quick turn around times. I don't charge a set up fee which usually builds friends too.
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    first thing I bet you are missing is never have the plotter pull it off the roll, prefeed what you need for the job so it doesn't pull off of the roll
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    i require a non refundable deposit at-least half ( and i let them know that ) so that would cover at-least the material cost and some time,that way if they bail out you got something for it ,or just ask for full payment upfront if they are fully happy with the final design sample. Most of mine pay full up front anyway.