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    every professional I know uses paper tape - lots of hobbyist use clear. anyone that has tried applying clear to something like a larger back window with a compound curve know that clear will not conform to the curves like paper will
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    Update: Graphtec cutter is running great! Coral x8 I have a little learning curve with but able to navigate okay through it. Goes knight press I have but still boxed up, other projects have been priority but I will get to the point on making shirts and hoodies. Been doing some glass carving with the help of the graphtec. I want to thank you all so much for helping me get going with this!
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    Trust me, I am a 69 year old woman, and I don't ask for help either. I figure out a way to do things myself ALOT!!! I cut a 60" w x 150 yd roll on my miter saw. I had won 1/2 off at a vinyl business, so I bought the biggest roll that I could get. So I got 2,, 30" rolls out of the deal.
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    So I’m a big saints fan living in NY as some of you know and I couldn’t pass up this font I found in my illustrator. Love the font. Well without further ado I’m sure you’ll all get this if you watched any playoff football this season.
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    My trick is to actually save all my HTV cut files already mirrored so I have to remember to reverse them if I want to cut regular vinyl. It's much easier to catch that it's backwards writing than to remember that it needs to be backwards for shirt work.
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    loosen the roll up, put a piece of pvc pipe inside where you want to cut it in half. put it thru the miter saw. Macgyver here.
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    I got F&M’s sample sheet this past weekend and I finally had time to text the formula that I was interested in. Let me tell you I’m super impressed and I just hope it holds up to the wash test. I did go a little high on temp but that’s cause every review said to raise it as well as I saw a lot of YouTube videos showing the issues. So off the bat I put it to 355 with heavy pressure for 10 seconds and it came out beautiful. Clearly this is now a demo shirt and I don’t own the rights to this logo it’s just clearly what they sent me in the free sample packaging. Lol
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    If it's a known customer, they know how to install/apply the decal properly, and it's a flat surface, I will give them clear - keep in mind, that once the waxed paper backing comes off, the clear app tape then becomes frosted, and trying to see through it for alignment purposes really isn't any easier than using paper. I see you point, and I understand - I certainly will say that I'd prefer to look at other people's decals with clear app tape, because I can see it better, but I would rather buy it with paper tape, because 1) the paper tape will allow the decal to contour to a non flat surface better, and 2) I can do a wet application if I needed. The decision is either made for you by the customer, or if they have no preference, then always opt for the paper. If they choose clear, at least do yourself a favor and explain the advantages of paper (disadvantages of clear), and they can make an informed decision and at the very least, you CYA.
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    Can't argue with that. I have also seen people install and think the clear is part of the decal and leave it there. I had one guy do it with a 12 x 12 inch decal. He had no idea.
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    Just because paper tape doesn't look professional, it doesn't mean that it is not the right choice for the job. . I have always used paper tape. Most professional people do.
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    Well, you CAN cut clear through if you get a circuit cutting board or similar. And the Graphtec and other higher end cutters offer what is often called a Kiss Cut that will cut through the backing in spots and leave connecting pieces in between sort of a bouncing motion but that is mainly used for printed "sticker" type work and WILL cause cutting strip wear very quickly. The people who do that sort of thing generally ONLY do that sort of thing so fine detailed cutting is less critical and they probably get by with a chewed up cutting strip longer than the rest of us would put up with. Or they are large enough operators that they have a completely different fine cutting machine they don't abuse that way.
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    You're opacity is set to 0, try changing to 100.
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    no. you want to have slack in the vinyl, basically enough for the design your cutting versus pulling off the roll. yes, you set the origin to start on the corner of the vinyl you have loaded. like everyone has said it isn't supposed to dragging the side of the cutter. sorry I forgot to load a pic of mine with the cover off. I will go get some of mine loading vinyl and setting the origin, wrong or right its how I do it. lol
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    You should have had a contract already signed with 1/2 down. Contract should have covered this.. You could have sent it online...Mail.
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    You might try using some parchment paper to help you out with your project. I did an instructional contribution on it a few years back In the case of a vehicle with multiple layers I try to do the layering at the shop so I just have one layer to put on when I get there. You can fight bubbles with layered vinyl so sometimes it's doesn't work as well if the layers actually overlap. If the layers are just side by side with space between each color then it works really good. You can use a piece of parchment right on the vehicle if you are layering there at the install. Just pull off your carrier and lay a piece or parchment back in it's place prior to aligning the layer onto the car door. It will aid in getting set in the right place. Use a top or bottom hinge once you get it to where you want it and slide the parchment out and squeegee center out. If you have compound curves on the door you will definitely want to pre-stack all your layers as mentioned because getting them all aligned with compound curves is really hard to do accurately.
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    Yes, sort of, No. You can see through paper take well enough to line things up usually, color of vehicle and color of vinyl will have some effect. By over lap, do you mean use multiple piece of transfer tape to cover the decal? Yes, it can be done, but it should be avoided. Where the tape overlaps you are likely to get bubbles in the decal. Now if you have say two lines of text you can have the tape overlap in the black space between the letters, no problem. Shape and size of the mark is up to you, what ever works best for you. I typically use a diamond shape, just my personal preference.
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    Unless your buying a Tripp-lite Keyspan Adapter or a Belkin, which are guaranteed to work with a vinyl cutter, your probably buying a USB to serial cable as cheap as the cheap Chinese chipset in the vinyl cutter. So it makes no difference to help the vinyl cutter run better. Those are the brand names.. If your computer has a serial connection, You could go straight serial, if that cutter does also. Ditch the Artcut and try a different software that has that vinyl cutter listed on it. Vinyl Master has a FREE trial. The baud rate on that cutter should be 9600. You will need the null modem cable that came with that cutter to use with a Tripp-lite Keyspan Adapter. Just use a standard length cable. Example . Find one close to you, They sell worldwide. Find the best price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tripp-Lite-Keyspan-High-Speed-USB-to-Serial-Adapter-PC-Mac-USA-19HS/113688800975?epid=1194060954&hash=item1a78616ecf:g:yBsAAOSwcZ1cNBmS Vinylmaster.com
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    May also help to check the profiles of the people who have been giving you information. There is over 30 years of combined experience helping you.
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    You might be surprised that the people who come here and post up a design with a watermark on it from Shutterstock and want someone to vector it for them. The watermark is protecting the image. We have seen a lot of copyrighted images come thru here, that people want someone to vector for them.
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    Darcshadow for the win! It was the opacity that was set to zero. What a PITA... I don't know how it got set that way, it was at 100% one day and 0% the next. Thanks for the help. dcbevins, thanks for the tips on the stroke color/width.
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    lol ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫
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    You might have opacity set to zero, but I am thinking you have just set the stroke color to none or "no fill." Right click on a color on the palate bar and pick stroke or Shift+Click a color to set the stroke color. You might have also set stroke width to zero. Change it to something non zero if this is the case, (I like using 1pt most of the time.)
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    Hello Kate from Florida. I would have to agree with most here that have mentioned the Graphtec plotter. They are very good machines. That said you mentioned that you used a Cricut Maker. I believe they can be used to cut all the way through card stock and some plastic sheets used in scrap booking. Any of the vinyl plotters that are mentioned are strictly for cutting through vinyl and not the backing paper. Welcome to the forum.