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    Yeah, cutters are not like other electronics where a new/upgrade model comes out every year. There have been guys on the forums using the same cutter for decades.
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    Yes, my cutter is 11 years old and I am still using it on an XP laptop. I have never had a problem with my cutter in 11 years.
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    This ain't rocket science to create a similar design! Where's peoples' graphics skills? How come if humans are in contact with advanced alien civilization we have gotten dumber?!!!
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    Here's an old Indy Car from the 70's that my uncle and cousin painted and stripped, and another from 1980. That's my Uncle on the far right & his son in the cowboy hat. I used to love watching them paint and the smell of turps and paint, oh..and a few beers and shots were consumed while doing so. My cousin is still doing it at the ripe young age of 76. And all was done freehand, no masking tapes involved
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    The PrismCut is packaged with a 15" x 15" carrier sheet, but we sell larger carrier sheets that will work with the PrismCut if you need more room to work with. There aren't any hard limitations coded into the PrismCut that would prevent you from etching something anywhere the blade can reach, but practicality may be more of a factor here than it would be with Oracal 651. I expect that we will have more information about etching soon.
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    I have a niche' that works well for me. That's all I am saying.
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    They do, $190, for a 24"x10 yard roll. Not a bad price really. The price for reflective from anyone is going to be high, just the way it is. It's a specialized vinyl, not as easy to make, and not as much demand for it as normal vinyl. It does look good though.
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    I generally take a peek at where I plan to buy said vinyl, decide my minimum order and shipping and then know my actual cost. I divide that up into a unit rate. More times than not I charge for the whole piece whether it is a yard or 5 or whatever and any left over stuff I sell off later for pure profit. If it's etch vinyl for instance I consider it a specialty vinyl order and list it that way on the invoice.
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    bet it still isn't as strong as that stuff they print decals for teflon pans on - seriously what is that stuff? and why lol
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    That is great news. Now you can get the whole 15" wide cuttable area. And it is cheaper than the Punched version. Maybe others noticed it, but I just saw it in an email from USCutter. https://www.uscutter.com/ORACAL-651-Vinyl-15x10-Yard-Non-Punched https://www.uscutter.com/ORACAL-651-Vinyl-15x50-Yard-Non-Punched
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    Mz Skeeter is asking because while what you are doing may be working for you, it is not the intended use of the cutter and will ruin the cutting strip making future cuts not as clean. Have you tried a different program for printing? From this statement, it sounds to me like it is a software problem and you may not be able to use Graphtec Studio to print with your printer. What printer are you using?
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    Many times it is just user error. Not cleaning the walls. Paint with teflon in it to stop to keep dirt sticking to it. People painting walls and not waiting long enough to cure before putting up decals. I see a lot of complaints on sellers using Wall decals, which is why I have never gotten into it. Too many reasons, to stop them from sticking. Maybe try the GreenStar indoor. From the color charts if appears to be General Formulations vinyl. I use the outdoor General Formulations without any problems. I used some Oracal 651 on a wall here. It came right off, heating it up with a hair dryer before peeling it off.
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    Any way you can screen shot a view of the computer screen it might help. I use Pro 1 myself so I'm pretty knowledgeable in SignCut. I am attaching a small left chest logo that should load and cut without issues. It's in Adobe v8 which is SIgnCut's favorite format and it's going to be reversed because its for HTV but for what you are doing that won't matter. It should be exactly 4 inches or 101.6 mm wide. If it's not then you need to calibrate your SignCut program. A note about workflow, it's best to design the work in the size you want it rather than resize them on the fly. Over the long haul you will find yourself needing to do additional work and trying to remember the specifics of what size you made things months or even days earlier becomes impossible. I save my files off with specific names that help me know which ones to choose without having to open them and check. I this case it's a stacked LC file meaning it's multiple color for a Left Chest and that also tells me it's reversed for HTV. If it was a 4 inch decal I would have called it 4in rather than LC Ashcraft stacked LC.ai
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    A while back I had a chat with the Vinylmaster guy that said they was working on a mac version - hope they get it finished soon
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    how many times has someone tried signblazer that has not been updated in 8+ years and it fixed a problem caused by scalp - - - putting pro on the end of scal was a genius marketing tool but very misleading IMHO
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    then I guess either target marketing or weeding out the crafters that are not in their target market
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    I will definately try the Port shirts next time.....but, I use Gildan mostly because I can always run to the Hobby stores to get "a few more" when my customers miscount or under count their needs.
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    So after a full week of testing. I have upgraded to Illustrator Creative Cloud and started Using Sign Cut Pro 2. Sign Cut suggested adding a little overcut in the settings on the graphtec and I can say it has been incredibly better on cuts. Very crazy. I don't have a clue where the problem really is.
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    I just take the job and decide what it's worth to me. So for instance say someone wanted 10 small decals that were 4 inches square but in a color or product that I don't stock. Say I spent $10 on a yard some premium vinyl so it would cut nice. and another $10 for shipping then I know the minimum material COST is going to be $2 each even though the 10 decals will only take up a third of the yard at most. Then I decide how much my time and equipment is worth. Say we be conservative and say $50 per hour shop rate and the job should take a half hour. So there is another $2.50 per each bringing the cost total to $4.50 plus 20% margin puts them at $5.40 per each plus sales tax depending on your locale. $54 plus tax and probably not worth the time it takes to do it. I didn't even add in for app tape and the half hour to do it is a nice thought but that kind of stuff can take twice that long real fast. Now you can see why me and some of the others on the forum just shake our heads at the idiots on pinterest that think they're gong to make their millions on stuff like that for $0.50 or a dollar each. Different story if you are doing 300 pieces. Then you can both cut your costs down and the price per each down and actually make a buck. The best part of this kind of job is when you suffer through it because you are trying to build clients and then they come back and want more. How many? they say 30 this time. You say ok. They don't ask for a new price so you bust out 30 out of the extra vinyl you bought and all in almost the same time you did the 10 and you get full price with no costs. That happens too so don't get discouraged. But the ones that say "so and so is selling them for half that" then I just shrug and say I have no idea how they can afford to, have a nice day. About half the time they still have me do them. Actually I have all but quit regular adhesive vinyl because the market is too tight and there are too many soccer moms with cricut cutters doing them for nothing. I mostly do t-shirts. Everyone wants a t-shirt and you get to make a little off the shirt AND the vinyl.
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    According to the Redsail user manual. When you click OK on the Control Panel of the vinyl cutter, that is your ORIGIN.
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    If you want a better model then buy the Titan 3, that is the updated model. . Titan 1 is a stepper.No Laser. Titan 2 servo, manual laser. Titan 3 Servo with ARMS. Those are the models. Nothing to upgrade. 3 different models, each upgraded from the first.
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    Are you pushing the ORIGIN button on the cutter before you send the cut? You must, that is where the cutter starts measuring from. Most cutting software will go to the point of where the design was created first, then come back to finish the order. I use Flexi software and make large designs, 20" x 96"L. The cutter may travel 3 ft and start cutting, then come back to the front to finish the rest of the design.
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    The cutter is not too old. Your cutting software is. It is not for Windows 10 as I have already explained to you. Flexi 8.0 is for XP and older. That cutter can still be connected to the latest version of Vinyl Master, Or newer Flexi software. It would be on Flexistarter. Or probably Signcut. I know it is listed for Vinyl Master. I already looked it up. I have the FC7000-MK2-75 That FC7000 is also listed on FREE Signblazer/ which they are running on Windows 10
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    Hey, what can we tell ya? Around here, it's hit or miss!!! (HaHa)
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    When I first started I saved all my scrap but after tons of small pieces stacked up it all goes in the trash now unless it’s like a foot wide then I will save it. but I don’t sell decals per-say I only do signs, Banners and lighted signage.