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    every professional I know uses paper tape - lots of hobbyist use clear. anyone that has tried applying clear to something like a larger back window with a compound curve know that clear will not conform to the curves like paper will
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    So my SC2 was delivered today. Such a difference in the VE cutter and the SC2 cutter. I think the oddest thing I have seen so far is I swear that this cutter was an off white, almost eggshell color when I took it out of the box and now its a light baby blue. Other than that the VinylMaster Cuts software is easy to use, the machine is easy to operate and it cuts great. I am extremely pleased with the cutter and the decision to dump the VE. I have to pay the shipping to send the VE cutter back to SW, which is an expense I'll happily pay to get rid of it. As a test I just cut out some words and it cut wonderful, in straight lines, no tracking issues. For a more detailed test I cut out some back the blue flags for an FWC officer down the street to hand out. Each flag was cut very well after a couple tries to get the speed and pressure right. I am 100% positive that this cutter is going to make me some money. The cutter is grounded to the stand and the stand itself sits on concrete.
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    I use F&M exclusively at this point. They have various products and their website will walk you though most of your questions. Order a sample kit and it will give you samples of all the stuff they do. I was originally concerned with product lifespan but I used them on some of my construction guys tee's and paid attention to how they wear and they held up really well. Probably not quite as lang as HTV but it's a close second and the price saving for clients is really impressive. On any kind of volume I actually do less work and make more per shirt so I basically doubled my output in the same amount of time. You already have a press so you're good to go. HTV will always have it's place and things like specific numbers or any kind of custom work or higher quality work like on nice jackets or polo's is probably better with HTV. I'm a small mom an pop shop and work from my living room so being efficient is key for me. I do my designs in AI but they will accept PS or Corel Draw as well. Basically you pick your product (I mostly use the Athletic formula because it resists dye migration the best). Pick your color count and size of transfer sheet. If single color you basically get two choices for the cheap deal. Can't gang two images on the $0.15 program but it's so cheap it doesn't matter anyway. If you are doing 2,3 or full color then you have to decide if it's priced best to go with a certain size sheet or gang a bunch up on a larger sheet. I build an AI file with the different sizes offered and decide by crunching numbers which one makes the most sense bearing in mind gang sheets with ,utile logo's you will have to cut apart yourself. Leave enough room that you can cut several at once with a paper cutter board and it goes pretty good. Sometimes a lot of little ones are cheaper than a few large sheets (min order on gang sheets is 8 I think) Most of the time it's cheaper to use the XL sheet and stack a bunch on there when doing 2 or 3 colors. I have done some full color work and it turns out great too.
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    If it's a known customer, they know how to install/apply the decal properly, and it's a flat surface, I will give them clear - keep in mind, that once the waxed paper backing comes off, the clear app tape then becomes frosted, and trying to see through it for alignment purposes really isn't any easier than using paper. I see you point, and I understand - I certainly will say that I'd prefer to look at other people's decals with clear app tape, because I can see it better, but I would rather buy it with paper tape, because 1) the paper tape will allow the decal to contour to a non flat surface better, and 2) I can do a wet application if I needed. The decision is either made for you by the customer, or if they have no preference, then always opt for the paper. If they choose clear, at least do yourself a favor and explain the advantages of paper (disadvantages of clear), and they can make an informed decision and at the very least, you CYA.
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    Can't argue with that. I have also seen people install and think the clear is part of the decal and leave it there. I had one guy do it with a 12 x 12 inch decal. He had no idea.
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    Just because paper tape doesn't look professional, it doesn't mean that it is not the right choice for the job. . I have always used paper tape. Most professional people do.
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    Well, you CAN cut clear through if you get a circuit cutting board or similar. And the Graphtec and other higher end cutters offer what is often called a Kiss Cut that will cut through the backing in spots and leave connecting pieces in between sort of a bouncing motion but that is mainly used for printed "sticker" type work and WILL cause cutting strip wear very quickly. The people who do that sort of thing generally ONLY do that sort of thing so fine detailed cutting is less critical and they probably get by with a chewed up cutting strip longer than the rest of us would put up with. Or they are large enough operators that they have a completely different fine cutting machine they don't abuse that way.
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    You're opacity is set to 0, try changing to 100.
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    Well, looking at the image posted above, my first suggestion would be "plug it in" (no power cord attached in the picture!!!!!)
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    Graphtec all day long. You won't be sorry. Not to mention a lot of the members here have it, and can do some pretty awesome troubleshooting if necessary.
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    I jumped in with both feet and bought the graphtec, just finished putting the stand together as it's been in boxes in my basement for the last 2 weeks because my day job takes over my life this time of year. Hopefully I'll be cutting some trial runs this weekend.
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    Welcome from Idaho. I lived in FL for a couple years. I don't miss the heat though. Or the bugs. I'm a fellow Illustrator user. The Graphtec is pretty much the fan favorite if you have the funds. They have a free plug-in for Illustrator that lets you just cut right from the program. I think there is also a free offering of Graphtec Pro Studio with some machines.
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    If you can afford the Graphtec CE6000, go with it and don't look back. I have a couple Graphtecs, and bought 2 for my kids. Great cutters and no problems. They hold their resale, if you decide to sell later. Great tracking, cutting detailed designs, great memory very quiet and accurate.
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    Unless your buying a Tripp-lite Keyspan Adapter or a Belkin, which are guaranteed to work with a vinyl cutter, your probably buying a USB to serial cable as cheap as the cheap Chinese chipset in the vinyl cutter. So it makes no difference to help the vinyl cutter run better. Those are the brand names.. If your computer has a serial connection, You could go straight serial, if that cutter does also. Ditch the Artcut and try a different software that has that vinyl cutter listed on it. Vinyl Master has a FREE trial. The baud rate on that cutter should be 9600. You will need the null modem cable that came with that cutter to use with a Tripp-lite Keyspan Adapter. Just use a standard length cable. Example . Find one close to you, They sell worldwide. Find the best price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tripp-Lite-Keyspan-High-Speed-USB-to-Serial-Adapter-PC-Mac-USA-19HS/113688800975?epid=1194060954&hash=item1a78616ecf:g:yBsAAOSwcZ1cNBmS Vinylmaster.com
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    But most people, with small decals, don't install with the backing paper. They will peal the backing off then position the decal to install.
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    I think that was off the old Rocky Horror picture show.
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    You might be surprised that the people who come here and post up a design with a watermark on it from Shutterstock and want someone to vector it for them. The watermark is protecting the image. We have seen a lot of copyrighted images come thru here, that people want someone to vector for them.
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    Darcshadow for the win! It was the opacity that was set to zero. What a PITA... I don't know how it got set that way, it was at 100% one day and 0% the next. Thanks for the help. dcbevins, thanks for the tips on the stroke color/width.
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    Hi! I’m brand new and looking for advice on a machine to purchase; I’m thinking that it’s come down to the Titan 3 or the Graphtec ce6000. I am very familiar with design software (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) and have used a Cricut Maker and Air 2 (not sure if that’s opening me me up to ridicule on these forums or not, lol) but I’m looking to expand and be able to do more. Thanks in advance.
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    Definitely graphtec. I myself started with a titan after a few years I wanted to upgrade and I needed a little more so I ended up with the graphtec ce6000-60. I actually still use my titan to this day but for simple designs and all that to save my blade on the Graphtec. Blades can be expensive and I figured if I can save the life of my graphtec as well as blades by using the titan for simple stuff it’s a win win. Lol well anyway welcome and good luck. I’m new myself and the men and women here are awesome!
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    Here is a proper link, https://www.howardct.com/
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    Graphtec for me also
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    Wow that’s amazing I’m going to have to order a sample sheet and start looking into it more now. I work a 9-5 so after work when I have big orders it takes me a few days to get it completed that’s if the design isn’t so crazy. I’d worry about selling this product cause your basically trusting another company for your self but I’m hearing more good then bad and it dosnt hurt to order some for myself and wash test it and all and go from there. Thank you for your feedback with this company I’m definitely going to try them out.. I also use AI so I shouldn’t have any problems with sending them over my files so that’s awesome to know as well.
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    The Graphtec is a CUT above...