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    We have people good at using all levels of plotters from the mh all the way up to graphtec fc and summa, People good at signblazer, scalp, vinyl master, flexi, Corel, ai,. Plug ins like signcut, graphtec cutting pro. The diversity of this group is what makes it a strong support arena. Thanks to all that contribute . . . Even if we have some differing opinions as a whole this is a great group
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    Got a few quick tips for weeding -- == When weeding letters/text, do it from the right to left (against the text) == When weeding numbers, left to right == When weeding out the centers of letters/numbers, stick the pieces onto the back of your opposite hand (area between the thumb and forefinger) in a little 'pile'
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    We should sooo make a sticky of stuff have ... self healing mat, rotary cutter, app fluid, squeegees, straight edges (preferable one that protects your fingers), scissors, something to use for weeding (sharp tweezers, dental pick, x-acto, etc.), app tape of choice (although paper tape is far more versatile), .... I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff
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    need pictures and info on which machine you are using and pictures so we can see what you are talking about - I am betting you are using a plotter and not a printer . . . FYI your post as a GUEST will not automatically appear anymore we are working toward how we used to be with only members being able to post - I approved this one for this time it only takes a moment to register to be a member with no solicitations or commitments
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    Here is a full Tail-Pack. FreeTailPack.pdf
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    The PrismCut is packaged with a 15" x 15" carrier sheet, but we sell larger carrier sheets that will work with the PrismCut if you need more room to work with. There aren't any hard limitations coded into the PrismCut that would prevent you from etching something anywhere the blade can reach, but practicality may be more of a factor here than it would be with Oracal 651. I expect that we will have more information about etching soon.
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    I have a niche' that works well for me. That's all I am saying.
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    They do, $190, for a 24"x10 yard roll. Not a bad price really. The price for reflective from anyone is going to be high, just the way it is. It's a specialized vinyl, not as easy to make, and not as much demand for it as normal vinyl. It does look good though.
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    I generally take a peek at where I plan to buy said vinyl, decide my minimum order and shipping and then know my actual cost. I divide that up into a unit rate. More times than not I charge for the whole piece whether it is a yard or 5 or whatever and any left over stuff I sell off later for pure profit. If it's etch vinyl for instance I consider it a specialty vinyl order and list it that way on the invoice.
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    This ain't rocket science to create a similar design! Where's peoples' graphics skills? How come if humans are in contact with advanced alien civilization we have gotten dumber?!!!
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    This is the correct way to set your blade depth. To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should just barely see and feel the blade tip out of the blade holder. You should only be cutting with the very tip of the blade. Most vinyl is only 2-3 mil thick. so it only takes the very tip of the blade to cut.
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    The thickness of a buisnes card .020" is about 10 times too much blade. Oracal 651, for example, is only 0.0025" thick. So you only need that much blade sticking out to cut through it. Any more than that and you are cutting into your backing material. Mz Skeeter has posted hundreds, if not thousands of times the correct way to set your blade depth. Follow her guide and you'll be cutting great right away.
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    I just use one of the bucket buddy carriers that you strap onto a 5 gal sized bucket. I use mine on a smaller (shorter) bucket because the depth is overkill on a 5 gallon. Has lots of pockets for misc all the way around and large enough for all the heavy goods inside like cleaning solutions and roll of paper towels. I do like the look if that carrier and may look around for one if I decide to make a change. I don't get out much with signage anymore so mine sits in the closet most of the time.
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    Dakota, for the average cutter hobbyist, it's overkill. However, as a sign man, I've found it to be practical and necessary for remote installs, containing all sorts of items that may be needed in the field. Like my Makita power drill, a small container of Goo-Gone, plastic pink Chizler, a razor scrape tool, a bottle of WhiteOut, plus an essential -- a pair of 'cheaters' (reading glasses). OK, why the WhiteOut? When I put up a maxmetal sign, I like to use the correction fluid on exposed screw heads. (OCD? Yep)
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    This is a vinyl that looks like sand blast - was done in a historic house and didn't want to blast the glass. On this one he designed and applied but I cut and masked for him
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    for the newbies - you can cut regular vinyl or use sandbast mask and then sandblast your images on drinkware etc - came across these old ones today. all of these were done with regular 651 scraps and a 60 grit sand for the coase cristaline look.
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    That is a relatively simple design and it would be a good one to practice redrawing by hand rather than an auto trace. Text especially rarely traces well and you can always get a much better result by finding the font and recreating.
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    Without seeing the file, it's hard to tell. If it is not copyrighted, you could post it to look at.
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    Any way you can screen shot a view of the computer screen it might help. I use Pro 1 myself so I'm pretty knowledgeable in SignCut. I am attaching a small left chest logo that should load and cut without issues. It's in Adobe v8 which is SIgnCut's favorite format and it's going to be reversed because its for HTV but for what you are doing that won't matter. It should be exactly 4 inches or 101.6 mm wide. If it's not then you need to calibrate your SignCut program. A note about workflow, it's best to design the work in the size you want it rather than resize them on the fly. Over the long haul you will find yourself needing to do additional work and trying to remember the specifics of what size you made things months or even days earlier becomes impossible. I save my files off with specific names that help me know which ones to choose without having to open them and check. I this case it's a stacked LC file meaning it's multiple color for a Left Chest and that also tells me it's reversed for HTV. If it was a 4 inch decal I would have called it 4in rather than LC Ashcraft stacked LC.ai
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    Just turn off your antivirus and download it. It is abandonware. The owner passed away several years back. You don't have to activate it anymore. It is unlimited now. Many many people still use it on here.
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    A while back I had a chat with the Vinylmaster guy that said they was working on a mac version - hope they get it finished soon
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    then I guess either target marketing or weeding out the crafters that are not in their target market
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    I just take the job and decide what it's worth to me. So for instance say someone wanted 10 small decals that were 4 inches square but in a color or product that I don't stock. Say I spent $10 on a yard some premium vinyl so it would cut nice. and another $10 for shipping then I know the minimum material COST is going to be $2 each even though the 10 decals will only take up a third of the yard at most. Then I decide how much my time and equipment is worth. Say we be conservative and say $50 per hour shop rate and the job should take a half hour. So there is another $2.50 per each bringing the cost total to $4.50 plus 20% margin puts them at $5.40 per each plus sales tax depending on your locale. $54 plus tax and probably not worth the time it takes to do it. I didn't even add in for app tape and the half hour to do it is a nice thought but that kind of stuff can take twice that long real fast. Now you can see why me and some of the others on the forum just shake our heads at the idiots on pinterest that think they're gong to make their millions on stuff like that for $0.50 or a dollar each. Different story if you are doing 300 pieces. Then you can both cut your costs down and the price per each down and actually make a buck. The best part of this kind of job is when you suffer through it because you are trying to build clients and then they come back and want more. How many? they say 30 this time. You say ok. They don't ask for a new price so you bust out 30 out of the extra vinyl you bought and all in almost the same time you did the 10 and you get full price with no costs. That happens too so don't get discouraged. But the ones that say "so and so is selling them for half that" then I just shrug and say I have no idea how they can afford to, have a nice day. About half the time they still have me do them. Actually I have all but quit regular adhesive vinyl because the market is too tight and there are too many soccer moms with cricut cutters doing them for nothing. I mostly do t-shirts. Everyone wants a t-shirt and you get to make a little off the shirt AND the vinyl.
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    I believe, and I could be wrong, the redsail and the MH cutters have basically the same guts. If that is the case, the force, speed, and origin have to be set on the cutter, they are not software controllable.
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    According to the Redsail user manual. When you click OK on the Control Panel of the vinyl cutter, that is your ORIGIN.