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    Best way I know of covering up what you did.
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    Glad you found a good solution! Be sure and post some pictures and a review when you get it in. Never know when that sort of information might be handy.
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    Work around is to put non glossy tape (scotch invisible) over the part to scan.
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    I actually have a company making me a hand crank rotary flex die machine for $3800! I couldn’t spend $70K on an entry level automatic rotary die but the hand crank fits our production needs. Dies are about $800-1000. My production guy is gonna have one tough arm
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    Cut these for Ronald McDonald house up here in London Ontario. 1 is 18" high and the other is 24" high.
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    If you try to cut paper on any cutter without a cutting mat you will destroy the cutting strip. So that part is out. For a scoring blade, I have no idea. ebay maybe?
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    Has it been laminated? I have heard that sometimes the Graphtec machines have trouble recognizing the marks if there has been a lamination layer added. I can't recall the work-around but it was a concern I had when I was searching for a servo cutter.
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    Here is just the head. mark-s MOHAWK CHIEF HEAD.ai
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    Give this a shot. mark-s MOHAWK CHIEF.ai
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    Thanks so much! I welded it in AI and abra-cadabra! all is as it should be again. Now if I could quick catch up on wholesale orders...
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    This is the time to take advantage of USCUTTER pre-Thanksgiving sale. $200 off on Titan models. Also, for those who want to decorate things with symbols of the fall holiday, grab some WingDings -- And for those of us struggling to come up with a unique meal idea (instead of Turkey) -- You're welcome!
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    Just wanted to say I just came across this and it's amazing! I have a little project I'm taking on and was worried I'd have to buy clear xfer tape...not needed with this! Thank you!!!!
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    It is a good idea to put a drop of sewing- machine oil into the bearing hole while the blade is out. The blade rotates 360° and must spin freely. I check for debris, gunk, & vinyl shards, every Monday a.m. before a workweek starts.
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    There is something to be said about weed direction too though. I know that some designs weed easier one way than another. You definitely need to be sure you are all set with your blade depth then pressure and speed but once that's dialed in the same design will often weed easier one way as apposed to another. Typically if I am having a fight in a certain areas I spin the thing around and come at it from the opposite corner or at a slant and get it to come up better. You don't mention your machine. The budget models will not produce as clean a cut as the higher end models and are more often touchy about fine tune.
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    Also make sure you are not in wire frame mode.
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    @MZ SKEETER thank you I'll try that
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    now you learn your equipment and new software, watch a lot of youtube videos, mess up a bunch and learn from those mistakes. personally I drove 4 hrs each way to someone that had the set up I was looking to buy and learned a lot from them - and then made sure I never competed with them. just like when you learned your plotter there is a learning process and part one you will learn is it is harder than you think to get high resolution images to print (unless of course you already designed them in vector format. Then you will learn to create a contour area you want to cut and personally I saved those files in .eps because with versaworks for the roland it was easy to work with an eps even if it had a raster content with a vector contour.
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    Dakotagrafx found the same Texas Instrument LM324N chip online hope its the same chip looks the same anyway will see!
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    How wide is the cutter? Graphtecs will not cut past the pinch rollers, unless you EXPAND past pinch rollers or disable pinch roller sensor. There is magnets in the pinch rollers. Your not going to change that in your cutting software. It has to be changed in the cutter menu. Why did you list your problem under Vinyl Master software thread? You stated you were using ComputerCut by SolarGard. Why not sign up and be a member here? It doesn't cost anything and more people may respond to your questions.
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    On a risk assessment basis you would definitely want to have boiler plate in place to protect you should you mess up someones paint. Even if you don't hurt it sometimes old vinyl will leave a ghost image where the adhesive was that will never go away and there are people out there who would blame the removal guy. If I have a removal for someone I am worried about, and to be honest I almost don't work for anyone that I have any kind of worry, I send them to a body shop to have the removal done.
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    It's called Run! Demo. I think you can probably get it to work. https://www.dafont.com/search.php?q=Run! Demo&text=THE
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    I've been using Signblazer since day one. Free and easy!!
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    You should have a local sign supply shop somewhere in your area. They will have several options for the plastic (usually called coroplast or similar. Some will be pre-cut but sometimes you have to buy a sheet and cut it down yourself with a table saw or carefully with a skill saw. The little wires will be sold separately. I don't do these often but when I did I just used cheap sign vinyl like the Greenstar or Oracal 651 on them. I'm not going to price out your job for you but I generally make a list of materials costs and then take a WAG on how long I'll be messing around with them and bill accordingly. Some of these kinds of things can be done much simpler by a big sign shop with a flatbed printer. I don't build many because I can't compete with the flatbed printed prices. There are videos out there showing people building the signs and how they have set up little jigs to hold the coroplast in place while they place the cut vinyl on them. Lots of options for those who are willing to think outside the box a little and get creative. Judging by your avator you are somewhere near Seattle. They will have either a Denco Sales or Sun Supply.
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    Wildgoose, back in the 1990's I first used a computer (yeah, an Apple macintosh, Performa) -- in order to understand the ins-and-outs of working with computers, David Pogue was my mentor (through his book, Macs for Dummies). One thing that would crop up from time to time was a fatal (BOMB!) error, and Pogue described this as being likely caused by corrupted font suitcases. Solution? -- try https://www.macissues.com/2014/04/18/how-to-troubleshoot-font-problems-in-os-x (I have seen some reports online of the default font San Francisco being the root cause, for some arcane technical reason).
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    Any kind of subscription kills me. I'm limping all my machines along with CS3 on the PCs and CS5 on the Macs. I'm doing my best not to upgrade anything unless something breaks and I have no choice. The (no legacy software) cost me an arm and leg back in the day, and they still work just fine, so I'm doing what I can to keep them running. I know it's a learning curve, but Corel sells straight up licenses for their software.