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    It wasn't just you, it had expired, I have just updated the link in the other thread, and I'll link it again here in case anyone else finds this thread. Here is the link to the newest version of Sure Cuts A Lot 4 Pro for Mac.
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    We try Though, I do encourage you to become a member. Then your post will go up immediately. Not to mention that it's totally free, and we don't run ads, or push any hidden agendas, products or services.
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    On 10/07, Apple released their new version of Mac OS, Catalina, which now requires all programs to be written as 64bit applications and not have any dependencies on 32 bit libraries or resources. At the time of release, neither Sure Cuts a Lot 3 Pro nor Sure Cuts a Lot 4 Pro are 64bit applications and as a result have been rendered incompatible with the new OS. Since that point, however, Sure Cuts a Lot 4 Pro has received a 64 bit update. That said, please be aware that there might be a few hiccups using this upgraded version as the developer works to assure it is fully complaint with the new OS' standards. Thank you for reporting this issue to us, we have noticed there may be trend with the new 64bit version of Sure Cuts A Lot 4 Pro. In our testing, the blade offset appears to be off like the image above, and changing the blade offset does not resolve the issue. We are in touch with the developer to see if this issue can be patched. In the meantime, if the the need for a software is dire, you can upgrade your copy of SCAL4Pro to SCAL5Pro for $60, as it is currently on sale. We have not encountered these issues on SCAL5Pro, and you can find a link to that upgrade here on USCutter.com. Please let us know if anyone is encountering other issues with these newly released builds, and I'll follow-up here when a new version is released.
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    I do love the Port and Company.
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    As a side note, if you have your other cutters blade depth at a credit card thickness, you will want to fix them with my instructions, that is way too much blade exposed. You should barely see and feel the blade tip, You only cut with the very tip of the blade. And start your blade offset at around 0.25mm and work in small changes to get the offset correct.
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    I use a 30" cutter and I would never want one any wider....I have a 30" 8ft table and it works perfect for masking. I only cut vinyl. A lot of my jobs are pretty detailed and the Graphtec does a great job for that.
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    teeny-tiny lettering is best done with a 60* blade. Get yourself a Clean Cut Blade, I promise you won't be sorry - and it will last a really long time (with proper use and maintenance). I know you said that you fiddled with the speed an pressure, but something that small, make sure you slow the cut speed down. I'm not sure how much you slowed it down, but when I had to cut really small and/or intricate stuff on my LaserPoint (which is also a stepper motor), I would slow the machine down to 20 (when I normally cut at 60+). patience is hard to come by, but is required to try and dial your machine in for certain jobs. when you do get it dialed in, make sure you write down the settings as a reference for the next time. good luck, keep us updated.
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    We are still waiting for the new version to be published on Craftedge.com, but we have just been provided a link you can use to download the newest version before it is added to the site. Here is the link to the newest version of Sure Cuts A Lot 4 Pro for Mac. That version should resolve any issues with the blade offset setting you have been having, but let us know if you encounter any new issues, and we'll pass them along.
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    Thanks for your interest in the SC2, and for using the Forum! 6mm is a lot, and the thickest I found for acetate sheets on google was 3 mil, so I'm operating under the assumption that you mean 6 mil. I wouldn't recommend the SC2 for cutting acetate. It's one of our value hobby cutters that are really more geared to cutting vinyl and easier stuff like that. It's possible that it may work with some fiddling, but we're not confident enough to recommend or support using an SC2 for that purpose. For cutting acetate, we would recommend one of the Titan series cutters. Depending on how big you want the stencils to be, the Table Titan 1 can cut stencils up to 15" wide, and it's $549, which is only $100 more than the 28" SC2 at its base price. A carrier sheet would be a must in any case, though, but it looks like you already know that.
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    If you fill in the white space, Whatfontis.com comes back with BenderSolid.
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    US Cutter Support has fixed the issue. Thank you Greg. Thank you everyone who tried to help.
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    I have both installed Graphtec Studio is not like Pro. It looks nothing like it.
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    But you don't state, what software, computer.? How is it connected? How did you set your blade depth? Have you ever ran a vinyl cutter before? No mention of your settings. No mention of what you have done to try and fix the problem. You have to provide info to work with.
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    From what I read you need a plug in to do that. Go to the Summa web site and download it. mark-s
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    6mm? That's nearly 1/4". I don't believe any vinyl plotter can cut something that thick. Now if you mean 6 mil, 0.006", that would might be doable.
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    That's what I needed. Thanks! ( I never messed with it there in fear of screwing my sublimation settings, I figured there'd be a setting somewhere else)
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    Follow Mz Skeeter's instructions for setting blade depth and then cut as slow as possible to start with, gradually increase speed to something you are happy with and still getting good cuts. Over cut and offset may need to be adjusted as well. What vinyl and cutter? they are not all created equal and if you have a MH or other low level cutter cutting 1/8" letters may simply not be possible.
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    Have you grounded your cutter ? If not I highly suggest you do .
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    I got it working Mz. Skeeter, thank you for your quick response and helpful knowledge. much appreciated.
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    yes that's exactly when I began having issues, shortly after the last update. then again I seem to take anything computer related like its a rocket science course, when in fact it was a super simple set up... I got it working after a week of frustration, high blood pressure, and the invention of tons of new cuss words....and now I shall cut away. …..thank you for responding …….y'all are the best!...
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    If your going to run a business, use the correct products or your going to lose your customers real fast. Uscutter sells R-tape paper transfer tape.
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    No mention of which tape you are using. You should squeegee the transfer tape real well on top. But tape face down and peel the backing away from the decal. It makes a huge difference. Never lift the decal from the backing. I only use Main Medium tack paper tape. Many of my decals are very detailed also.
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    Love this idea! Grizzly Tools has them here in the US for $27 and has 12 bars. I think you can order additional bars, but my internet connection sucks right now. http://www.grizzly.com/products/Lumber-Rack-6-Shelf-System/T27630
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    Here is a great place to start with some schoolin' As far as application, some sort of hinge is always a good idea. Top, Bottom, Side or Middle (book). When possible I top or bottom hinge the large stuff and then cut it into smaller pieces if the design is open enough to allow. I did a 14ft long string of text on an I-beam 12ft off the ground 3 letters at a time and just worked along with a ladder. Had no helpers available but got it done. If it's tight registration on multi-layers you are best to layer it in the shop prior to install just because you have more control and a flat surface. You will get a few bubbles probably but they can be dealt with. If it's a flat install and good contrast between layers I often layer it on the job.
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    these should only really take about 2-3 minutes to produce on your own. take a look at this eps and see if it does the trick 4wheeldrivejeep.EPS