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    Finally got around to making a LED edge lit sign for myself. 8.5 X 12 RGB multi color. 1/2 in acrylic basic shape cut on the cnc machine. Etched with aluminum oxide 220 grit. Red oak base also cut on the cnc machine. Oak was clear coated. mark-s
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    So my day job is site work and excavation. We were opening up a new job last week and clearing off a field to put up some apartment complexes. I left a guy there to scrape up weeds with a large wheel loader. he calls late in the evening to tell me he ran over a rifle on the job. It was in a scabbard and had likely bounced off a truck or side-by-side at some point. Said he smashed it pretty good. I go over the next day and have a look. It's a fairly new Ruger American Predator series chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Has an upper level chinese scope and a bi-pod all in a decent scabbard. Stock is broken but just at the shoulder all there rest is fine. I say "Cool find dude. Finder keepers." He says "Oh I quit hunting a long time ago you take it." (he didn't have to ask me twice!) Had the local cops run a search for stolen or lost and no one had turned it in so they say it's mine now. Just needs a new stock. I start looking for a used one or replacement and have a hard time because its a fairly new model and specific stock for the barrel. Finally give up and call Ruger about it. They ask why I want a new stock. I tell them it got ran over (didn't tell them it was by a large piece of construction equipment) they say "we will have one out to you in 6 to 8 working days for free." Mic drop..... No way. free I say? She says yep, have a great weekend and good hunting. You better believe I will lady! Happy day indeed. I looked up the equipment and there's between $700 and $900 right there depending on actual prices vs list. Way cool. Has a little rust on the barrel as it had been laying out there who knows how long but I did the barrel re-black kit thing and it cleaned up pretty good. Somehow the scope is totally fine even being nearly squished and laying around getting wet, all the rest is in great shape. Supposed to be real nice shooters.
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    My son always picks a unique costume.
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    I was bored the other day and found something at princess auto. That would be like the US northern tool or harbor freight. And I thought, HEY, that could work. So for $29 Canadian I got me a 10 roll storage rack. Not bad for a lumber storage rack.
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    Here`s a video of the LED RGB edge lit sign IMG_1048_1.mp4
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    Clean cut blade is in and I used 1/2 the pressure and almost no blade as suggested. My cutter was running Chrome at a pressure setting of 300, I started at 150 and ended up at 145 making perfect cuts. Combine that with the offset issue that was fixed by calibrating my cutter to the software and...BAM!!! Cutting perfect! The most trouble i had was with the punisher skulls I did for my boys party. I couldn’t get them any smaller than 1” without eyes and nose holes and teeth not cutting right... just for giggles I made some at .6” and they look awesome! Btw, the eyes on that are tiny but the nostrils are almost too small to weed with a pin...
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    You have not provided any info to help you. No mention of computer operating system, cutting software. your using, how you are connected to the computer USB or serial.? Was the design a vector or are you trying to cut a jpeg? How did you set your blade depth..? Is this a new cutter to you or a used one? Did it just start like this? or has it being running good and start doing this? Is the cutter grounded to the stand if you have one? It could be many, many reasons including user errors. Not knowing how to set up and operate the machine correctly.
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    Remember before installing to drop you pressure 50 percent and start with too little blade working your way up so you don’t break a tip.
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    Here's one I finished this past week using Titan 2. Turned out pretty well.Restriped the LIGHT GRAY and Maroon , not everything .
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    Thanks for the replies from everyone. Heres what we worked out: I gave them the option of the 20 transfers that they originally purchased from me to be used in any way they seen fit, (replace the lifted and peeling shirts or a different style shirt all together) as long as they provide the garment. They decided that they wanted to do 10 hoddies to replace the ones they had issues with and use the other 10 transfers along with another 10 transfers for T-shirts that I gave them a price break on. Again, all with them providing the shirts. I guess in the end it all worked out I believe they were happy and I about broke even in the deal so all is well.
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    Thank you everyone for your thoughts etc.. Just an update. I came back to my hometown after being shortly away and made some personal life changes as well, and im glad i did, It also allowed me to start my photography business back up and still do my vinyl work etc.,So i upgraded and added to my arsenal of new camera gear. Things are rolling good now . Guess some things happen for a reason when they do. Thanks again for your comments.
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    Hi Jedi --- You say that the Sun is shining "Here" --- where is here? In a Galaxy Far Far Away? !!
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    I figure it’s about time I post my attempt of this thing of working with vinyl Customer was sent from another store to me, so of course I had to see if I could do it. Name was spelled wrong, forgot to take a pic b4 I removed the wrong letter . pics loaded in wrong order , talked with @Primal Decals about how much to charge. We both thought $10-15. So I went with $15, customer gave me $30. Can’t rem. But mayb my 1st tip
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    Yeah like when the paint starts to boil you've gone too far!
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    We do things all the time that shouldn’t be able to be done... the trick is being able to see what the vinyl wants to do and being able to persuade it to do otherwise...then accepting the comprise (the guys I work with for installs have done this much longer than I and I just recently introduced them to wet applications...they didn’t know about it and rarely needed it. It amazes me the things 20 years of experience does to people)
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    I started using Signblazer when I purchased my MH-365 cutter and am still using it with my Graphtecs. Many of us on the forum still use it. The more that you use it, the more you will find it will do.
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    I actually only do chrome and Reflectives in my little niche so I’m a blade eating machine!!!
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    I personally use a second blade holder and after I have used my cleancut first in the primary holder for regular vinyl I move it to the metallics, glitter holder as that will eat any blade up faster and I want my regualr vinyl to always be trouble free. that way I get double duty out of the cleancut blades too as you generally do not do as fine of cuts with metalics
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    I’ve have this Laserpoint 2 since July and you can go back and look at the issues I’ve had... my offset was never quite perfect, and the overlap was causing issues sometimes leaving little .2mm slices into the design that sometimes causes a catastrophe when weeding. Then I ran some simple rectangles and found out (after $30 of Reflective was cut undersized) that my scaling was off. On a 1” square it was off.. it was .96x.97”. It doesn’t seem like much but when I recalibrated it in the software, all the other issues went away. This should be a test you run when you get your cutter or you are having problems.
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    Lol! I'll try. They're always trying to save a $. I order 12" and 24" RTape. What did I get? Yeah they changed the order to 2 rolls of 48" and told me to cut it to however big I need it to be because that's cheaper than buying different sizes.
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    Not to mention my kids will have the coolest projects in school
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    Absolutely read the user manual,, then you will know something about it...It explains how to set it up and what all the features and buttons do. Take time to learn your machine..
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    Use the usb able to connect. Start by downloading and reading the manual. Don’t mess with the firmware
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    stepper motors with finer definition tend to be a little quieter - the copam was the first example of that - but don't expect them to be as quiet as a servo - nor as accurate and easy to use there is a reason all the old timers have servo cutters and most have graphtecs
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    This is how to set your blade depth correctly To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should just barely see or feel the blade tip out of the blade holder.
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    Did you install the driver and follow all of the instructions here? https://support.uscutter.com/support/solutions/articles/14000035660-setting-up-your-sc-cutter-in-vinyl-master
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    maybe post what operating system and which vinyl cutter info, would help.
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    Crossgrade worked fine. New PSN number downloaded, installed and activated. Designed some new decals. Still need to test cutting but not seeing any issues at all.
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    We press mostly glitter, rhinestones and Spangles using these settings
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    Servo motors are really nice. Not only quiet but more accurate.
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    This Camaro was wrecked pretty good and we painted almost the whole car, so I had to replace the vinyl. In addition to the racing stripes, they had funky black vinyl all over the deck lid and bumpers and even the bowtie emblem that I had to replace. I pre-cut some racing stripes for the hood but did stripes on the deck lid and spoiler and the other black vinyl on the deck (behind the emblem) and the bumper with knifeless tape and wrap vinyl. It was a pain running the knifeless tape around the edges of the taillight recesses because the lights fit tight against it at the top, but it turned out ok.
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    Wouldnt it be better if he joined the group instead of being just a guest? I think it would ..Might get better responses etc . just saying..lol
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    I would lean toward old vinyl since you are finding it banded across the roll and not in a spot on your cutting strip. Sounds like the bad spot is about the same place on the roll like there was a part of the roll that it was setting on or exposed to more sunlight etc... See if that fits the layout of your problem areas. Could be the vinyl got old and is harder in that zone so that it's harder to cut through. I have always heard that vinyl has a shelf life of about a year but have successfully used older vinyl fairly often maybe this is into that zone where it is going to be a problem.
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    More power to you. You can have that niche and I guess that's why it's there, I hate both.
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    with the trouble that it took conforming 751 I am sure I would never had gotten a decent application with anything less - it has to give in too many ways and calandared vinyl just wont do that being thicker and in the vary nature of how it is made will cause trouble not long down the road. the c&d was from somewhere else.
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    sai has support worldwide on legal software - we have been hearing this more and more as many anti virus now looks for hacked code so the pirated software quits working
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    Do you have 2 copies set in your cutting software? Post the file if it does not violate copyright rules.
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    it has been resolved. the cutter setting was wrong. thanks for your effort
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    Welcome aboard Jenge. What cutting program do you have, and what computer operating system are you using? When you send a job, do you get any message back - like hardware not found or anything? Will it do test cuts for you? Cal
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    if you are using a mh refine cutter I would be thinking static or memory limitation depending on design - this time of year we see a lot of static issues with the value cutters -especially from people that hadn't put the ground wire on from the cutter bottom to the stand (comes with all mh cutters)
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    well I used to be a cnc machinist and do all types of custom metal fab work in my jeep shop. so i figure hopefully i can handle this. i did have a sign box just like the 1 on my building. i was keeping it until I got tired of it in the way. ive read most have switched to using led in their signs. leds are easier to wire than ballast. I also used to have an aquarium/ fish store, so have built a lot of custom lighting in aquarium hoods for saltwater and reef tanks
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    Your welcome. If you stop in more often, you can learn more new stuff everyday on this great forum. I am always learning new stuff on here.
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    I just do this as a hobby, but for the most part I don't think in terms of cost per quantity of vinyl used. I think in terms of time. If something takes me an hour to do vs something that takes 15 min. I'm going to charge more for the hour one even though it maybe smaller than the one that takes 15min. I will admit though, customers don't think this way. They think the bigger something is, the more it will cost, when in reality, bigger items are often times cheaper to produce in terms of time, and time is the real cost of vinyl decals.
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    I think it needs another watermark
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    Agree with Dakota, rock solid choices you won't regret for the cutter and press. As for printing, get yourself some durabrite ink for your printer and you can do transfers. If you can only print 8.5"x11" you will find that you want to upsize later but you can get some designs to fit. If your printer is something that can handle bigger sheets you can look into aftermarket ink and save a lot of money. I do a little shirt work with Jet Pro Soft Stretch (JPSS) now and then. Works great on pure white cotton or cotton/poly. I keep some 3G transfer paper for dark fabrics on hand for the occasional need but I really don't like the feel of ANY of the offerings for dark fabrics so I try to steer people toward HTV if at all possible. I am a die hard Siser Easyweed user. I have tried out several other brands without complaints but prefer the Siser overall. Especially the Siser Stretch. I do a LOT of HTV work. Just found that most of the other brands have varied application temps and dwell times and cold/warm or hot peel variations and Siser is more uniform as a hot peel (much faster production) and pretty well universal lower temperature. By keeping it all the same I don't have to pay attention too closely unless I have a special need that changes the set-up.
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    payers and keep your head up - seems some of the best things that happened to me were when I was forced into situations because of work closures, etc. when one door closes another one opens and many times for the better
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    The only trial that I have seen, will not let you cut or print from it.
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    So have you contacted UScutter support? And Vinyl Master support is on here all the time....I have seen many people who say that UScutter or Vinyl Master has helped them with their contour cutting with the Titan cutters... It seems Joe at tech support is pretty good at it...He was just praised a few days ago...for getting a Titan 3 with ARMS working great.
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    FROM USCUTTER WEBSITE Rationale for blades of different angles The primary rationale for blades of different angles is cutting depth. A lower angle (45 degree) is great for thin materials, while a steeper angle (60 degrees) has a more vertical cutting orientation that penetrates deeper. An increased amount of blade dragging through the material when cutting fine detail can cause, what they call, vinyl ears (parts lifted up). With minimal blade in the material, a 60 degree blade tends to cause fewer, if any, vinyl tears. Using a 60 degree blade on everyday cutting is a waste of a blade, technically speaking. Less of the blade's cutting area is used, and blade life is wasted. The more horizontal cutting orientation of the 45 degree blade accurately distributes the cutting task over a larger blade area, and thus last longer (and is cheaper). So use a 45 degree blade always, unless a 60 degree blade is needed for thick or more custom types of cutting, if 45 degrees blades are not available.