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    I charge based on a learned estimate of what I think it will take. In other words I estimate based on an hourly rate and give the client a hard price. He doesn't usually know what I want to make per hour just the final price and if it goes good I make more per hour. Most basic installs I figure a couple hours. Those job boxes will be time consuming possibly. Also be careful what you get yourself into because all the John Deere stuff is copyright protected without a release from an authorized dealer. If they ARE an authorized dealer make sure you get something in writing saying they are authorized to commission your work on the cut vinyl so you don't some day get your rear in a ringer.
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    Hello there fellow forum-ites! I have enjoyed being a member of this forum now for several years. Most of you have known me as the lead designer and production artist for a sign company. However that has just changed! My wife and I are proud to announce that we have a started our own company, Spunky Graphics, LLC. We still do vinyl work, including vehicle wrap design & installation, however as we are starting out small we are focusing our product offerings to paper products (business cards, labels, brochures, etc...) promotional products thru a local distributor rather than a national conglomerate like Kaeser & Blair, Graphic Design, Screen printing & Embroidery thru a partner as well as Web Design, SEO, and Social Media Training, & Online Profile Optimization coming soon! Our expanded vision for our company is to be a business concierge. We want to help new and existing business navigate the advertising world. We see so many business throwing away money at useless advertising and promotion that only benefit the sales person. And then of course on the flip side, businesses that don't advertise at all and need to learn how to promote badly. We want to show businesses how to track their advertising so they know whether or not its working and how to adjust. I have really enjoyed being a part of this forum and I hope to be more active in the coming future. The knowledge base and experience of many members here is second to none. So I really look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience and of course I hope to continue to do business with all of you!
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    My 5 year old daughter has "sport jersey day" next week at school. Didn't want her looking like everyone else, so I thought it would be good to make this for her. I know, she will wear it once and into the rag bin it goes. You need to watch the simpsons to know the team.
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    I don't think goo gone works well on paper.
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    to forum member @pshawny! I needed an assist with a graphic yesterday and Shawn stepped up and helped get me moving in the right direction - big time. Shawn, I owe you one buddy! Cal
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    I think you just make do on wine glasses, there's no easy way to do stuff on curves. And once they drink enough of the wine the image will look just fine.
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    How complex is the logo, it maybe easier and faster to recreate it, or manually trace it. Manually tracing is a good skill to have regardless. If the image isn't protected and you don't mine posting it, post it up and we can offer suggestions on how to get a good vector version to use for cutting.
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    Turn down the music or you will not know when it is done cutting.
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    So , on another forum im part of , the question came up " what psi are each of the numbers on the dial"? Nobody could figure out what the conversion was till i contacted a Tech at Stahls. So for every dial number 1-9 on hotronix press is 10 psi. 1 = 10 psi 2= 20 psi 3=30 and so on.... The reason this came up was someone had bought some material and the specs for pressing was in psi. And on hotronix they use #s 1-9. Hope this helps anyone that ever got curious or didnt know.
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    Been keeping an eye out for a hat press on CL , fri night was talking with @Primal Decals about it and looked on there . a guy less than 5 miles from me posted 1 he made 2 hats with. $80 and its at the shop. hopefully it wont take long for it to pay for the new 1 I have been eye balling.
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    Tip for the newbies - a grommet press (usually used for banners) works great for adding a smooth hole for a straw in a mason jar lid. something that many of us did a few years back. Then add vinyl or sand blast for personalized product. I thought of this when I saw the big mouth grommet press was on sale this morning
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    Vector software is not push button easy. It isn't like bitmap's which people know and love. It takes some great deal of investment of time to acquire proficiency. Don't be surprised that it takes some perseverance. Auto-tracing often, (as in very often,) fails in giving something useful for a vinyl cutter. The sure way to over come this is to manually trace, (re-construct by hand.) This is often the only solution. But specific to your problems, it would be much easier to ofter advice if you gave samples. Can you post links to you AI files on dropbox or someplace?
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    seems like all the old timers lean on each other and help out from time to time - it's a great group
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    Oh, really? Tell that to the High School Dance team that buy's two color glitter decals for their cars, 40 units @ $15.00 each, you do the math...LOL
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    that is why it is in the off topic section - we did a Rome to San juan cruise this year and in essence was the guinea pigs as I couldn't find anyone to give advice first - We loved it and I thought I would share for 2018 the same cruise is going over $100 cheaper pp than our trip so right now $534pp from Rome to spain, portugal, azores and across the atlantic to san juan. by far the cheapest way I found to see other areas we hadn't been to before. I thought I found a great deal on air but for 2018 we are going on a different cruise and found WOW air (think european sprit as in low service low price) - WOW goes from the US to Europe for $300pp - there is a LONG layover in iceland but I added a cheap hotel and should make the trip much easier and still save over $1000 compared to the cheapest I found elsewhere) Why share this - we all work hard on here and I know several have no idea they can do a trip to europe so cheap - as I had no idea until this last year. The deal on the same cruise for 2018 was such a deal I had a hard time deciding on a different one and paying a bit more, but in the end decided to see new sites. These cruises are as cheap as 7 day cruised we have taken to the carribean and you get 12 days of all the food you can eat and lots of things you normally would not see on a menu - Yeah I am a little stoked at finding these deals
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    watch out for the people also that get you to quote on a large order and then want that same price per piece when they cut the order in 1/2 or less. sometimes it is like a minefield
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    I certainly thought about doing so, but I'm a really nice guy, and just let it be. Getting back to the O-P question: On my Job Sheets/Contracts, I have written that up to 2 Revisions of the artwork (i.e. - First version is v1 and I will allow up to v3) are included in the pricing quote, and each additional Version going forward will cost $40 per.
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    On the graphics rant I am in the middle. If I have someone who I do regular business with I do all sorts of free mock ups ahead of the order. I'm pretty fast so the time spent is less than maybe the average but still a consideration. I provide that to people as a perk but the regulars I KNOW it's going to result in a sale. The new clients I generally send them something "similar" to what they want, even sometimes have them send me something "similar" to what they want from a google search and I give them a quote based on the IDEA of what they want and then move forward after positive affirmation that it's going to end up in a sale. If it's just prices ahead of a not for sure thing I don't waste my time designing anything. I have never had anyone get uptight (that I know of) from me telling them I don't want to sink an hour or two into something that is just a quote.
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    I agree with Dakota. Plastisol transfers from F&M on the front would cost you about a buck each with zero build time other than pressing. Should be at least $10 per ea on those assuming they are supplying the shirts. If you are just doing the backs not (assuming you even continue in the relationship) I would charge them at least $6 or $8 per shirt for single color. What size of numbers are they wanting on back? Hopefully 6 inch so they will fit nice on a roll of HTV. Look at it this way. What's going to happen if one of the shirts gets messed up? They nought the shirt and the graphic on front. you KNOW they are going to freak and make you rebuild the whole thing. I try not to press on customer supplied shirts without at least either a written indemnification or an added expense to cover my behind if I get one crooked or upside down. It happens.
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    you are being EXTREMELY generous on your price for doing in HTV - but with 59 shifts I would order plastisol for the front part and do the back in htv - - and would be $700
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    This is for instructional purposes only! Using the template I got from that website, I used corel draw and the envelope tool to create the shape of the logo. As you can see, it is a messed up looking thing. I cut the vinyl and masked for the sandblaster. As you can see, the logo "looks" to be square on the glass. Kind of wonder what it would have looked like without the distortion. Guessing not good. Can't sell them, but wanted to use something simple for the experiment.
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    There is no magic button, even in VM Pro. Garage in = garage out. It's up to you to clean up the trace to your satisfaction. Pretty much everything experienced person here will tell you that you'll have to clean up any trace alittle bit. Since your logo picture isn't very clean it'll require alittle more work. There are people and companies that'll do it for you for a reasonable price. Probably around $20-40. It depends on the logo. I've done it a few times and I've always passed the cost onto the my customer for not having a logo in vector format. Most of the time I'll give them the vector file also and explain to them how and when they'll need to use it.
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    vinylmaster pro has node edit tools so you can manually clean up images
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    your cutter is the heart of the operation so it is the last place to skimp on when starting out - I also recommend the vinylmaster option unless you use a mac
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    with the 9.99 per order shipping it is pretty hard to beat the price uscutter offers -
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    I concur with the previous posts. In a nut shell once you get set up and cutting you can record your own numbers for various vinyl. Most likely there will be a light setting for cast vinyl like 751 and 951 and a higher pressure setting for Calendared products that tend to be thicker and stiffer. and those will do 90% of everything you cut. I recommend NOT trying to cut too fast. Don't won a Titan but if your speed setting goes from 50 to 800 then cut around 200 to start out. (1/3 to 1/4 of your max speed) Be careful when fine tuning your pressure that #1 you have set your place depth properly first as mentioned at least twice above. #2 that you start lower then you need to and work into it the first time so you don't cut clear through your backing and into your cutting strip which can break a tip. Expect to fine tune this pressure setting with material changes and room temperature and humidity changes. Vinyl is a finicky thing sometimes and one roll to the next can change even in the same product.
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    No problemo Cal. Glad to help out.
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    No mention of which machine your using, and you have never asked for any help here. So what is your problem with which machine and software? And what is the size of letters your trying to cut.?
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    I resolve not to drink any more beer. No less but no more!! Happy new year to all.
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    I had an order for two "America" themed rod builds this week. I started with building the grips out of 8# expanding foam, shaped on the lathe and then covered them with e-glass. After the grips was built, I dipped them in a "Thin Blue Line" flag pattern. Once glued to the blanks, I did all the thread work and used Oracal 651 to put stars and names on the rods. The 1st rod is a split grip inshore flounder rod. The second rod is a full grip sheepshead build.
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    Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year...
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    ok, searched youtube and came up with just selecting everything in SCAL and selecting the "wrapper" function under the "effects" tab. enter your diameter at the top of where your text will be, then the dia at the bottom, then the height of the taper....then all kinds of mystical stuff happens and it makes it curved at the right taper.
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    I just noticed that WOW is offering R/T flight to Jerusalem for $355. (+tax) and for those who have always wanted to visit the Holy Land, that's an incredible value!!
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    OMG I did not notice that disclaimer for the program. Got it all registered and lines are gone! You are all amazing thanks!
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    Well I think if I were in your shoes I would consider a couple things and make a decision based on the answers. #1 is she a future client long term. Answer doesn't sound like it or at least not one you want because anyone so tight they will pinch the pennies to go to custom ink for a partial and want you to do the part that custom ink is too expensive for is not a good long term prospect anyway. #2 will turning her away hurt other business prospects through word of mouth? This would probably be my ONLY concern in your shoes. Some of these people are connected to everyone and can get you a bad rap even though totally undeserved in this case. If you are trying to grow and get your name out then maybe finish the job for her but make her sign something about the potential damages. If she baulks at signing a release then patiently explain the scenario of a mistake and how low you are already trying to do it for and the potential of all your efforts ending up being spent on shirts you didn't provide and a front logo that isn't yours etc... You have absolutely no room to cover any kind of mistake. I explain that often when embroidering a $6 logo on a $90 Nike jacket someone drops off. She may not get it even then but you can at least shrug and tell her you can't take the risk for that amount of money and it will cost her the original price plus the cost of two replacement shirts whatever she values them at. Come up with a real value that she is agreeing to and she will drop the whole thing and either go away or sign the waiver. (remember that you can't go back to Custom Ink for one or two shirts without it costing copious amounts of cash or she would have had all the numbers put on there too.) so how do you even rebuild a mistake. You are going to be in the drivers seat at this point because she made a tactical error and already spent her money on the shirts and will be in a time crunch to get them finished. I bet no one else will touch them so what's she going to do when you give her a strong "meh... not interested". Ha ha. The other interesting thing that may happen should you go through with the job is she will totally experience the difference between htv and a screen or DTG job. I have seen some of the Custom Ink shirts and they are pretty weak IMO. I don't think they are going to hold up all that well to a sports team environment. That's a lesson that will be good for HER to learn the hard way. You get what you pay for both directions.
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    You have all these people out there with the cricut & cameo who make it seem vinyl is so cheap. In my area seems everyone and their Mama has one and doing decals dirt cheap. I'm not falling to their level. Let them go get shirts from them that have been pressed with an iron not a heat press. I'm sure this is the problem I am running into. They prob have gotten work done before from a team Mom who didn't charge them much. People like them are the reason I have bought a DTG printer. Those little cutters can't touch shirts I could print. lol I've just got to get it serviced before I can use it.
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    3barefoot - there is a learning curve on computers and software. This is part of the learning curve on customer service and working with people. I suspect that we have all been there & done that. My advise would be to listen to your gut and cut this one loose. Yes, she will likely poor mouth you and cost you a couple jobs. Likely this would be the outcome if you did the job. Just my $.02 YMMV
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    given your area have you considered a large 3d router set up? marc-s was showing work from his and it was cool - and the plus side is they aren't around every corner competing with you here is one from Sawatzky's imagination corporation to see the extreme of what they can do - I have considered it as around here lake houses would be a good market
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    Heres some semis and hotshot trucks..
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    You'll think your in heaven!!
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    I'm within a two day shipping area from the Seattle warehouse. I like to buy a couple rolls at a time at a minimum and that helps the 9.99 split between several yards at a time. I always order a little extra on each job and accumulate as I go so I didn't have as much inventory expense right off the bat. I use more white than anything else and quite a bit of black.
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    90 percent siser used here - some thermoflex but siser is preferred in my shop
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    Welcome aboard, LollyC, and happy new year to you. The above instructions will get you cutting in short order. I want to suggest to you that if your cutter has a pen tool, that you start using it as you begin working with your machine. It is quite often that I read from new users that they are frustrated and have wasted "tons" or "yards" of vinyl trying to get a design from screen to cut vinyl. I always run new designs through the plotter first before committing to vinyl. Cal
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    Happy, Healthy, and Safe!!!
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    According to his other posts he uses VM LTR
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    http://www.uscutter.com/HP-Latex-Print-and-Cut-Combo-Graphtec-FC8600-130-Cutter-110-Latex-Printer Roland makes a great cutter and probably the best for getting parts down the road of any brand - with that said the BN20 is slow and more costly to operate than the bigger rolands - also with a solvent keep it printing a lot or you will be replacing heads at about $1800 each last time I looked when someone was looking for heads for one. I would go at least to the 30" and make sure you have enough business to print every couple of days. the latex is much more forgiving when you don't print a lot but the downside is parts are not going to be available too far in the future - think months instead of years with a roland
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    keep in mind that "ruler" is a decal stuck on without any precision by a chinese factory worker making a buck and hour so it is not a set in stone straight edge like on the graphtecs - IMHO it is more decoration as many many people have found out these decals are hardly ever dead straight