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    Time to back up those files you've been putting off.....
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    Wow I’m such a moron The wife found it in between 2 boxes. The cutter was in a brown box then placed in a white uscutter box. I thought this morning to look for an invoice thats usually taped to the side of the box but nothing. She gets home from works and finds it by taking the brown one out. she hasnt stopped rubbing it in either. eitherway, thanks for the suggestions and for trying to help.
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    Same here. People are going crazy. gas stations without gas, and empty grocery store shelves. I messed up 2 years ago and wasn't prepared for Irma. NOT this time. I have a generator now that plugs directly into the side of the house and I can power most everything. Flashlights are ready, power banks are charged, food in the pantry with plenty of propane to cook. unfortunately I happen to be on call at the hospital this week so that means I have to stay there during the storm. But again I'm prepared and have an air mattress ready for my wife, son, and myself as well as anything else we need. It's funny because the last time we went through this my wife was 8 months pregnant with my son. Now he gets to join in on the fun.
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    Yesterday my wife got a "birthday" package from her mom (her birthday is in May). within the box of treasures was some shirts with an HTV that is the consistency of 10 year old greenstar sign vinyl you left in the shed for that whole time. must be a cricut thing as I have never seen anything this thick and stiff unless it was on a tent. - - Hoping she forgot my birthday but we are making the best of it and washed everything before giving it to the less fortunate. Whoever is selling that HTV should be prosecuted before anyone else purchases any more for their projects they sell on Etsy etc. My wife hardly ever wears "decorated" clothing other than a few tasteful screen printed nana shirts - - she got about 6-7 simplistic Cat shirts and even some socks that were sublimated with cats (probably best made item in the box) SMDH - She was an asst atty general and the only person that I personally put the child safety locks on her satellite dish (10' dish) because she would mess it up before I could drive the hour home . . . . books smart but shouldn't be allowed to operate an electric toaster as my wife and I have said for 30 years
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    The program is context sensitive so it depends if a selected object can be outlined or whatever to see the tool or features you wish to use. If it cannot be then the button will not appear.
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    Dang, what's with all the hostility? Personally, I would never have committed to any job if - A) I didn't already have the equipment and materials to do it, B ) I know my equipment and materials are guaranteed to arrive with sufficient time to get the job done (which has to include the learning curve if this is my first time at a cutter), or C) know of someone I can outsource this to, in the event that neither A or B is possible. Does your friend absolutely have to have a 34"? Does this job need something bigger than a 28"? Can't do a 28", then go 53". Why would you feel like you'd lose a friend over this situation is none of this is your fault? If you lose your friendship over this, then they weren't much of a friend to begin with. USC being out of stock with a lot of items is not new news around here. All anyone was trying to do, was to offer up some alternative choices - which is not ideal, but that's why they're alternative, because the ideal is out of stock.
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    Each and every time I change blades, I will inspect the blade holder to make sure there is no debris in it - which often times there is. I also will go through the motions for setting the proper blade depth, because I've learned that when I've changed blades, nothing good will result if I do not treat it like everything is brand new and needs to be individually tweaked. If you're having a difficult time weeding, then there is a chance that you're not using enough force to not just cut through the vinyl, but through the adhesive as well. It could also mean that it's time to change the vinyl. Older vinyl that I have is notorious for needed a higher force, and sometimes a slower speed to get the results so that I can be easily weeded. Make sure that you're weeding whatever you cut sooner rather than later, because the adhesive will find a way to bond back to itself through the cuts over time. Blade offset for Graphtec is 0 Since you have a Mac, I would suggest downloading and trying Graphtec Studio. It may not be your software of choice, but right now, you're trying to eliminate what it's doing, so let's see if it's a software issue vs. hardware. I also highly recommend Clean Cut Blades. The vinyl that I own are various colors and various ages, most of the vinyl can be cut using a single condition which is awesome, but there are some vinyl colors and ages that require fine tuning until it cuts right so it's easily weed-able. The fine tuning will include blade force and speed. Never underestimate the value of speed. The smaller or more intricate the text or design, the slower you go. I'm usually never in a rush when I'm cutting, and mutlitask while the machine is running, so often times I will be cutting at 30, maybe 40, but have slowed the machine all the way down to 15-20 for smaller stuff. Good luck, and keep us posted on what's happening.
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    10+ months on clean cut blades here. Seems most of these problems we see like this one are from Mac scalp users, will be curious what the final fix is.
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    The Refines are not like what was sold years ago,which is why we tell buyers not to get one. They are very limited on memory. Bad tracking, static, and communication problems You should have at least gotten the SC2. For $400-419, you would have gotten a much better machine. My 2c of being on here for years and reading all of the complaints.
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    Yes the shirts are from jiffyshirts and i did prepress the shirts. I think i have a ir thermometer in my nitro car box. Ill check it later today, thanks!.
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    I do a lot of shirt work. The sc2 is a good choice as a starter cutter and should be capable of most things you will tackle as a newbie. If you read the reviews someone already responded that the HTV they included is crappy. There are lots of crappy options out there. Do yourself a favor and buy the good stuff and you will save yourself a lot of frustration. Siser is my personal brand of choice. I do tens of thousands of dollars worth of shirts and sporting apparel and it has been the best for almost every application. Easyweed and Easyweed Stretch (I use stretch whenever possible but some colors are only available in regular). As mentioned by Dakota be SURE to check the temp because presses are notorious about being off. My first press was so far off I had to make a little sticky with conversion temps. Like he mentioned make sure you set it so the coolest place on the platen is up to temp. Good quality HTV like Siser can handle being too hot but if it's not hot enough it will fail. I did some testing to see how hot Siser could go just so I'd know. Recommended at 305deg. I was clear up to 380 or higher and it still seemed ok. I quit worrying at that point. I think if you over heat it can shorten the lifespan a little by scorching the vinyl making it more brittle but it's pretty resilient. Another note. The press in your kit does not appear to have a center press point. When you press different thicknesses the two platens need to stay aligned so that even pressure is across the whole garment. The low budget presses are sometimes solid built and will pinch more on the back if pressing thicker stuff. Not much you can do other than be aware of it. Some let the lower platen wobble a little to help and the better built ones have a center point or a set of springs to allow the upper platen to level out. If you find yourself doing a lot of shirts and decide to upgrade it would be wise to research the options out there.
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    you won't believe the difference - like the difference of driving a lawn tractor to town and a cadillac. you will be amazed
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    I don't think something can be reflective and clear at the same time.
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    Like someone once told me, "just smile and say thank you." (then go home and ditch it, I mean donate it). Hahaha.
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    'magneto' font ^^^^^^ Viner Hand ITC ^^^^^^^
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    Those pins are for interchangeable platens, I have a GK label press that has them. As far as the wire I have no idea. Call Geo. Knight, they are very helpful
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    dibond sign board is a good way to go. mark-s
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    Somehow the knife offset got selected to .1 in the product manager settings. Got that taken off and it’s all good now! Working great
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    I wouldn't even try and run all 50 of those at 1 time. The specs say the max cutting length is 144" for the SC2 cutter. Value cutters have a limited memory. I know the memory has been upgraded, but nothing like that.
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    check your pinch roller positions, make sure it's absolutely over the grit roller check your blade depth check your blade force plenty of slack on the vinyl, never cut when it's pulling with tension from the roll slow down the speed feed a little vinyl, then jog it back and forth until, making minor adjustments to get the vinyl to track straight before you cut (you don't need a ruler, you just need a point of reference. i use a piece of blue painters tape, it's not marked, but it's on the machine. it's fixed spot and i jog the vinyl back and forth to see if it's drifting towards or away from my piece of tape, then make the adjustment to get it to feed straighter).
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    Verify that the middle pinch roller (spring-loaded) is not at the point marked with a sticker on the top rail ---- i.e. at the joint of the grit rollers, where there's a gap.
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    I also make sure that my pinch rollers are the exact same distance from the edge of the vinyl. Even use a tape measure if you have to. I put my pinch rollers about 1 1/4" from edge. Roller marks will not hurt, they come out when you apply. Graphtecs have a prefeed feature on them, The roller marks help with the tracking. Try prefeeding your vinyl and back.
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    Never be pulling from the roll while cutting. Always have enough vinyl slack to do the order. You may have your blade too far out of the blade holder, with will cause the vinyl to shift. This is how to set your blade depth correctly. Run the cutter slow until you learn it. Vinyl has to be straight to stay straight while traveling. I have a Graphtec, but I still run it slow. To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should just barely see and fell the blade tip out of the blade holder. A lot of the times when a cutter stops, it is static from the vinyl. Cutter must be grounded to the stand. Spray Static Guard type sprays, use dryer sheets on the cutter and inside the roll. Run humidifier. Also the MH cutters have a very limited memory. The value cutters do have a cheap Chinese chip set. We tell buyers to put it on a serial cable or a Tripp-Lite Keyspan Adpater. That is the brand name Tripp-LIte.