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  2. Image conversion Services

    Hello, Does anyone know if a service on line were I can send images/ drawings / files to be turning into files that will work with the SCAL3? I am having a heck of a time getting files to show up correctly in SCAL . Thank you in advance. Philip
  3. to sell printer or not to sell

    Are you getting enough orders to make enough money to keep up with the maintenance of the printer and still making a good income? Are you making enough money for your time? Are you getting older(yes) and wanting more time for yourself and the wife? Tough questions!!! I have been slowing down myself and picking only the jobs that won't be pushing me too hard due to the old back getting worse. All I can say is weigh all the facts and pros and cons and then just go for it and don't look back. Enjoy life!!!
  4. to sell printer or not to sell

    Sell only if you absolutely must - a. you totally don't have the room for it; b. you're getting something better; c. you're in the poor house and are about to be home; or d. your house looks like it should be put on the TV show Hoarders: Buried Alive
  5. Lost my Vinyl Master Pro PSN

    Will my psn be on my computer after it's installed ? I want to put the program on a new computer but i don't have the original psn
  6. to sell printer or not to sell

    I`m in the same boat Scott, want to devote more time to doing CNC work. mark-s
  7. to sell printer or not to sell

    Have been fighting back and forth when to sell the Roland - my wife retires in 2 years and I planned on selling it in about a year in preparation of our more extended travels - but we have a 19 day vacation coming up in September - so the struggle continues to sell or not to sell before the vacation . . . . then to make it harder a bunch of printing orders came in. Sometimes the struggle of when to sell is as hard as it was on when to buy my first one . . .
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hey y’all, just curious if anyone knows how to tell the cutter to start cutting on one side and progress to the other. I’m basically doing a honeycomb pattern with hexagons over a 12x12” sheet and it cuts the same pattern every time but it’s all over that mat as it cuts... seems very inefficient!
  10. Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    decided to try pressing another shirt with the green but i did it at 335 degrees 15 secs and this is how it turned out. ive only worn it about 2 hours while doing things outside its hot out and so far it seems okay maybe they just needed more temp sorry its sideways it looked right on my pc The wet looking dots are water drops i took then when i came in from watering the yard about 30 mins after i did it
  11. Yes, that is how I make sure the sheet is straight. I've been doing this for 8 years, this is just my first "automatic" registration cutter.
  12. Do you prefeed your vinyl first for the whole job.? If not, you should. Prefeeding puts pinch roller wheel tracks in the vinyl which makes tracking great. You may not see, it drifting slightly. You have a Titan, but that is the instructions on a Graphtec, It has an auto prefeed just for that reason.
  13. Phone templates, where to find

    You are wise! But nobody is doing what I am doing. I have a very unique product that has tested well in other areas and most of the hundreds of customers I have end up using my products for their phone anyway... after my millions I’ll share with ya
  14. Phone templates, where to find

    From what I have seen, too many people already selling the crap out of those. And all kinds of covers. Cheap. Unless you have some wild design that no one has out there. But whatever works for you.. I try to stay away from what others do.
  15. Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    The shirts are from Jiffyshirts Fruit of the loom 100% cotten as all the other shirts i have same place all the other shirts ive purchased have come from. No I do not wash my shirts. I just take out of the box, pre press 2-4 secs then press for 12-15 secs at 305-310 degrees. I have made 10 other shirts, for myself and my wife a couple of mine have front and back and ive had Zero issues and ive worn all of those 5-10 times me sweating in them and working in them and Zero issues. Its got to be the vinyl and i got it at a local Vinyl shop. everything ive pressed has been purchased from her shop but this is the first with a white backing and that ive had issues with. i have another thread where i was asking about one or 2 letters trying to pull up, and it happened with this same green vinyl
  16. Polish for decals

    it was.. .it must of had something stick on the fleece
  17. Polish for decals

    use a squeegee covered with fleece . . . or teflon sleeve
  18. Phone templates, where to find

    It’s just one on a couple sites for $50. I did find this gem though where they are $5-15! i am product testing right now and really don’t want to drop $50 to not have any sales. $5-10, I can risk that. I’ve done a lot of pre planning so it’s not much of a risk but... it sure is a big hurdle mentally!
  19. Polish for decals

    Is there a polish that you can rub on a laminated decal to make it shine and remove small scratches from a squeegee?
  20. Does vinyl need to cure?

    Don't know about an actual cure time, would stand to reason though, the "glue" will dry eventually. I do know it's much easier to remove fresh vinyl than old.
  21. Sample display boards?

    Fpr white decals the smoke would look good. They also make a midnight black too, at least they used to.
  22. Cutting rounded corners on coroplast

    Router or a dremel with a template made of wood that you can use as a guide. I use a router table that I use for my photo frames I make to round just about everything. I use a bit that has a guide bearing on it so i get the same cut every time.
  23. Phone templates, where to find

    Most people make their own and don't give them away. Take pictures of them and vector. That's what most people do. So how many do you get for $50?
  24. Phone templates, where to find

    Yeah, I searched but there are just a few and the last one was 2013...the sight listed there doesn’t exist.
  25. Cutting rounded corners on coroplast

    I have about 40 small signs to make from coroplast. The signs are about 8"x12" and I'll be adding vinyl letters to them. They're already cut to size using a table saw, but I'd like to have the corners rounded with some sort of radius. About a 1-2" radius maybe. Any ideas on how to achieve that without just using a knife?
  26. Does vinyl need to cure?

    I know that when doing a wet application, you need to give it time to let the moisture escape and for the adhesive to bond. But does the same go for a dry installation? Does the vinyl achieve full adhesion after a certain amount of time? I'm specifically asking about Oracal 651, but would like to know about most common vinyls as well.
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