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  2. Corel Help Needed - Frozen Program

    Long short story, I bought the computer with corel on it, installed November 2017, windows 7, I will have to see what version of Corel it is, I used it once then everything went south
  3. Corel Help Needed - Frozen Program

    What version of Corel and what version of Windows? Is this a fresh install or an old install that was working?
  4. When I open up Corel, (see attached photo) this is what I get, as soon as I left click it pops up, I'm stumped, don't know what to do.
  5. Well the good news if - if you got it for next to nothing you about got your moneys worth out of it I always make sure I see a plotter run before purchasing used or the price goes way down
  6. Design alignment.

    combination of crease and t-square here but I think wildgoose has the best set up for the ocd people
  7. Today
  8. Design alignment.

    Hello People, Well now that everything is in effect I am getting through the learning curve. Thus far my shirts are turning out quite well and have held up well to all my tests and the ones people now have seem to love them . However, as I am a stickler to details I am trying to find the best ways to ensure the most correctly centered install of designs. I currently use the adjustable t shirt t square. It does help but I have had a couple shirts that I was not satisfied with placement and put in the oh crap pile. I have noticed from videos some people use the technique of fold the shirt and creasing the center slightly with the heat press then folding the transfer and creasing the transfer medium slightly then just centering the creases. What is everyone else's technique? Thank you in advance!
  9. Blade Holder

    Just measure it yourself, it should be 32.5mm according to the specs of this eBay ad. item 161683840725
  10. windows or mac? did you install the graphtec drivers first?
  11. Small Lettering

    slow slow, use the absolute minimum amount of blade exposure possible. a 60 degree blade will help I personally only use cleancut blades - this was done on a titan2 with a cleancut within first hr of set up using 651 and a 60 degree cleancut blade.
  12. So I have a client who wants some decals made. When I test cut, some of the text was ripping up when the cutter was cutting. The small text is about a half an inch tall but it is a thin font style. I’m using oracle 651 vinyl. I was wondering if I used the thin material blade if that would help. Also, what settings are you all running for pressure and speed? Thanks.
  13. Cutting Issues

    ill look at it tonight.. Thank you
  14. can someone share settings on graphtech 6000 and scal4p unable to get software to see cutter.
  15. Blade Holder

    any idea where to find the specs on my blade holder besides measuring it myself
  16. Cutting Issues

    I would take apart the bracket arm that holds the pen/blade and examine it closely to see if it's not cracked. That is actually a common thing on the MH units, and is often overlooked. (overtightening the knurled knob will crack it)
  17. Cutting Issues

    I have torn apart the blade holder and made sure there was no debris in the holder and rechecked the blade depth. Everything seems to look fine
  18. Blade Holder

    Keep in mind that blade holders have very precise measurements -- distance from the bottom tip to the retainer ring is what you need to verify. Check yours for the specifics of the MH type. Also, check your bracket/holder arm and make sure it's not cracked. They have a tendency to break when you overtighten the knurled knob --- you have to look really closely to see the fracture (take it apart and examine it off the machine).
  19. Cutting Issues

    Offset has nothing to do with bad cuts like that, offset only effects how sharp the corners come out. That being said, your corners don't look sharp, but I don't know if that font is suppose to be sharp or if they have more rounded corners. It looks to me like you have a blade exposure problem. You said you replaced the blade, did you then recheck the blade exposure/ cutting depth using Mz Skeeter's method?
  20. Blade Holder

    Has anyone ever ordered a blade holder for the MH871-MK2 off of ebay and are happy with it? I need to troubleshoot my cutter and see it my blade holder is worn. They are $30 from uscutter
  21. Cutting Issues

    I used the Pen adapter this morning and it came out perfect.. so my guess is either the blade offset is way off or there is something wrong with the blade holder..
  22. When cutting and having issues - don't allow you computer to go to sleep, don't allow the screen saver to go on, don't allow the anti-virus to start a scan, don't allow your system to start to defrag, don't allow Windows to update. Just fire it up, make sure nothing else is running or going to run, and cut away.
  23. Maybe the best first step it to try Sign Blazer Elements.
  24. plotter blade/carriage not moving up/down

    You can take a 9volt (square) battery and use some wires to connect it with the leads on the solenoid, if it JUMPS, then you know the issue is not a dead cutting head unit, but is rather just the Z chip. And if it's the Z chip, on your machine, that's not going to be so easy to track down and replace. (On the older MH machines, it was actually a really easy thing to do, the Z chip was not soldered in, but inserted into a receptacle port on the motherboard, and user-replaceable, for $5.)
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