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  2. First lose the word " printer" It's a vinyl cutter, You will not be printing with this vinyl cutter. Go toward the bottom of this page.
  4. just bought a MH MH2 871 and got everything up and running but cant print since i need to update the drivers but there are no Win10 Drivers, and i even tried to update the Drivers using the win7 driver update but got a digital license error. can someone just tell me if u need to be on a lower Windows to use these printers or if there is a backdoor to get it to work. thanks in advance
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  6. I got a customer that wants a Stencil of his logo, and was wondering if its possible to make one with my cutter? Is there special martial that's made for this? Ive never done perforation cutting with my cutter but figured it could probably work and make a Stencil.
  7. So say 1.5 hours, what do you pay yourself per hour? $50? Then you're looking at $75 in time plus cost of mirror and vinyl.
  8. 2 colors. Black and white. We just got done with putting it on the mirror. Wet apply. If I remember it took us about 20 -30 mins to apply. 10-15 mins weeding. Design 30-45 mins this is off the top of me head. Haven't really tracked times
  9. Will do, I've also made minor adjustments on overlap which helps a little. I'll report back after I've cut a larger sample. Thanks Skeeter. This is a great guide, going straight into the keep file! Thanks Wildgoose.
  10. First off, it really took a few minutes to figure out what was going on. It turns out, your in the reflection taking the picture. Also It appears there is a reflection of a light fixture as well..... that being said, it looks like maybe you have a two color job here? Looks mostly black with a maybe a grey unicorn in the middle? It also appears that you either have bubbles in the vinyl in the tree.... or maybe just some water that wasn't cleaned off before photo? So, assuming 2 color.... the material part is easy to figure out. How much time did you have in the design part?
  11. Did you ever try your cutter with a different cutting software? If you would, you should be able to narrow the problem down more, as to whether it is the software. or the cutter.
  12. Ok I just got done with this job with a little help from my dad. I'm wondering how much should I charge. All designed by me. It's 23.25 x 23.0 +/- On a mirror
  13. Look in the Graphtec user manual.. under Support/downloads.
  14. MZ, How do you set the command to HP-GL? I saw the window once but had trouble locating it today. As to the suggestion to buy another cutter, that is not an option. Without getting into a long story, big overhead does not equate to large profits when other areas of your life take unexpected turns. The easy answer of buying a new piece of equipment and then repairing the existing one for a backup, would be ideal. Just wish I was capable of that at this time. Graphtec was very helpful when I was able to get through to them.
  15. You could try going to the real site and downloading a trial of Vinylmaster. If you are stating that your cutter is a rebranded Graphtec for Gerber, then it would be listed under Gerber Tempo 600. in the set up wizard..and runs under Command HP-GL
  16. Here is a good study guide from Roland. Not your machine brand but the overall concepts are exactly the same. ra_cutter blade knowledge.pdf
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  18. Oh, so the cutter is a rebranded Graphtec? A Gerber version. Correct will not work with Graphtec software.
  19. yes and it will not cut i cannot install it to my pc or laptop, i will trade it for a graphtec or Roland
  20. Do you have the cutter set to Command> GP-GL for Graphtec software? You must.. This cutter will also run from Signblazer. Others use it with Signblazer. We use this model with Flexi software.
  21. this cutter will not WORK whit graphtec software NEED to buy OMEGA SOFTWARE is uscutter selling this software? how much ?
  22. That was my take also, when you stated 4 MM . Now go back to larger sizes and try the blade offset again at 0.25mm. Blade offset is not set into those value cutters. EH721 is just another name for the Refine MH 721 here.
  23. This is actually quite reassuring! I'm happier having a machine that is working correctly but just has less accuracy than I expected, rather than a broken machine! These marks exist at all sizes, though they don't scale up, so I guess my original image is somewhat misleading :/ Sorry about that. So if you're confident it's not a fault, but a limitation of the cutter, I'll take that. Thank you!
  24. So,for those of us in the past s that us 15/100 of and inch . . . That explains a lot. These cutters drag the blade and the blade is dropping in an orientation different than what you want. You are trying to do that with the lowest end course stepper motor whan the only real way to get anywhere near that small would be with. A true machine that orients the blade by mechanical means ( summa might make one) . . . The cutter though is going to cost over $2000 compared to the $250 one you are trying to accomplish this with. At least that is my take on it, other opinions may vary. My first clue was the width of the pressure roller tracks in the picture to give some scale. actually at just over .15 " that machine did a great job for what it is
  25. I've just done a cut preview in SignCut and it appears the extra cuts are happening right at the entry point of the blade for each shape. Is this at all helpful to any of you cutting gurus?
  26. Thanks MZ SKEETER, all help is massively appreciated! So I took your advice and adjusted the blade height again, thanks for the useful method. Unfortunately that had no affect the problem though. I also tried adjusting the offset in the "cutter options" in SignCut Pro, anything other than 0.0 just makes a mess, so I assume the EH721 is already compensating for the blade offset? About 4mm tall.
  27. Did you try a different cutting software? You state you have been using Flexisign 8.1...But you did not state which computer operating system. 8.1 is for computer operating system of XP and older. If you have it on newer, maybe an update may have caused it problems, Just throwing that out there. Also, are you sure the Command is on HP-GL?
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