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  2. How would you handle this?

    heck I didn't know they changed their name from howard sportswear :/ I'm slow
  3. How would you handle this?

    Try Howard Custom Transfer next time and save yourself the aggravation, cheap and good, never go together..and quit printing on someone else's shirts, that alone will solve a lot of problems
  4. Yesterday
  5. Yeah it was a tough deal all around. But just a heads up with FM expressions, they won't pay for the garment no matter what, even when they tested the same transfers with the exact results. Maybe that's with all companies, not sure. Lesson learned, I will use Versatrans all the time now. I have done more then tons of transfers with them with zero issues.
  6. First big project

    If using USB, put the cutter on a Tripp Lite Keyspan Adapter, that is the brand name... I used to use one..Seiki vinyl cutter. . This is what I am referring to. Find the best price. Is that a new cutter or a used one? New Seiki cutters usually come bundled with the Flexistarter software.. Yep,, on Seiki website they still do come bundled with the Flexistarter software. ...
  7. How would you handle this?

    I wash all clothing no mater where it comes from first off........This is a tough one for me to decide on what i would really do, I know that a customer supplied shirt is to be a gamble due to the technicality of how it was washed etc , But for me whether or not they supplied the shirt or not ,the main issue was with the transfer which in turn ruined the product not the clothing having an issue. I personally would have to replace the customers clothing .It was not the clothing that caused the issue in this matter. What if you did a decal on a vehicle and for some godly reason the adhesive ruined the clear coat due to a mix up in the chemical adhesive ( Not that this would really ever happen but just an example) .The material you supplied to put on the vehicle ruined the paint, Does that mean your not liable for fixing their paint job ? Or tell the customer since you supplied the vehicle i wont take care of you but i will give you a Sorry but whatever product im supplying that ends up having a defect to cause an issue falls on myself or the manufacturer who supplied the item... I would have to eat the cost of the shirts and put it on the supplier if possible, otherwise eat it and move to another supplier,, But what do i know... lol..
  8. First big project

    It's sure cuts a lot 4 and a seiki cutter
  9. OK, it's been a while but I upgraded to the latest version of inkscape (0.92) and I am seeing the same issues. This is with stock system fonts even. The most important one is the issue with the fonts. In addition, if I cut from Inkscape and paste into Vinylmaster, only one of the cut objects makes it. If I group the objects in inkscape first, they all come across. This is with Vinylmaster Cut v4.0 Also, if I import the file, it is not to scale (like 1/4 of the linear dimension)
  10. First big project

    maybe post what operating system and which vinyl cutter info, would help.
  11. First big project

    if you are using a mh refine cutter I would be thinking static or memory limitation depending on design - this time of year we see a lot of static issues with the value cutters -especially from people that hadn't put the ground wire on from the cutter bottom to the stand (comes with all mh cutters)
  12. First big project

    I'm trying to do my first bigger project, 2 foot by 4 foot. I've cut the same design in smaller sizes and it does perfect, lines itself up and weeds fine. When I do the bigger one it leaves half the words out and cuts random lines through the entire design. I'm still new at this so it's all a huge learning process for me. If anyone can help please do because I am just completely lost.
  13. Extra License

    Crossgrade worked fine. New PSN number downloaded, installed and activated. Designed some new decals. Still need to test cutting but not seeing any issues at all.
  14. SC Oercutting

    What software are you cutting with? That sounds like a software driver issue.
  15. How would you handle this?

    Bottom line is you did a good turn and were willing to try and resolve the situation. They will come back I bet ya.
  16. This is probably a newbie thing, but I thought I'd ask before I go nuts. I have a small design that a cut a ton of. The first cut is always perfect. The rest have a 1/4" overcut at the top which lives a sliver with a 1/32" offset. It wouldn't be a big deal if I were only doing a couple as I'd fix it with a razor knife and move on, but I need to cut 50 at a time. Any thoughts on how to fix this?
  17. Cutout font in a windshield banner...

    Several way to accomplish this. An easy way is to design it in two color with the knock out area being the second color and then just cut both colors at the same time and it will do exactly what you are looking for with the abused and stockish examples. You can also build it with the knock out by using the knock out tool if that is available in the letter version of VM. For the windshield cut you should be able to do similar and draw a box the size of the outer limits and cut everything same idea as with the other. Also may be able to figure out how to move your cutter head in and over so it is set to zero at a point far enough in from the edges to allow the overbuild and set that as your zero stating point. I do that from time to time but it's usually easier to use a big box around the lettering so it gets centered perfectly.
  18. did you attach the ground wire from the stand to the cutter bottom?
  19. My first cuts on my MH721

  20. Adding a setup - No devices detected

    I just reinstalled and it worked. But now i get "Write port error" when i try to test cut? I bought the cutter and flexi from, a legit retailer for cutters and software. yes i have the dongle in
  21. Adding a setup - No devices detected

    Where did you get the Flexisignpro 10.5 from. ? And does it have a USB dongle, like a flash drive you have to put in the USB port?
  22. Adding a setup - No devices detected

    Hi, so i just installed Flexi 10 5.1 to my 64 computer running windows 10, And i'm stuck in the Production manager where i have to select a device, but there are no devices to choose from? I added a screenshot below
  23. Shirt Orders

    nope a screen printer has to print them for you
  24. My first cuts on my MH721

    More stuff I have cut recently... Red over lime green. Looks better in person. Kiddos bedroom door.
  25. I am trying to figure out how to make a windshield banner for a friend. He wants a 50" piece of vinyl with his text cut out. I would like to make this for him, along with similar designs as the abused daily and stockish decals but I am missing a step somewhere. I am using the most recent version of VM ltr.
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