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  2. Pc 50 Printing error

    I think it's only bad output settings
  3. Pc 50 Printing error

    From that print looks like banding, that means bad head. mark-s
  4. I recently purchased the SC2 and have been trying to download the drivers for it with zero luck. I have clicked the link to download for windows. When I open it, there are no apps/files to run for downloading the drivers. Anyone know how to resolve this?
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  6. Pc 50 Printing error

    Ok so I send something to print and it work great , but after it finish the ribbon got stuck, so I will be disassembling the head and manually lifting the head
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  8. Pc 50 Printing error

    Ok so now the cartridge is not working fine it's getting stuck
  9. MH721 & Mac Pro

    At least step up to a SC2 vinyl cutter. The older MH series cutters were better than these that are being sold in todays market. It is a bottom of the barrel cutter with known static, and memory problems. The ads for UScutter on their website and EBay and Amazon, clearly say they are not compatible with a Mac. There is no work around for something that is not compatible. You will not have any support from UScutter trying to run this on a Mac. They are warning you up front. Buy a cutter that is compatible with a Mac. SC2 and higher. The older MH were compatible.. . From ads USCutter 28" MH Series Vinyl Cutter w/VinylMaster Cut (Design & Cut) Software PLEASE NOTE: (1) THIS OFFER IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH APPLE/MAC COMPUTERS
  10. Pc 50 Printing error

    Thanks I remove the printing head and found some reflective vinyl stuck on the side of the print head
  11. MH721 & Mac Pro

    Hi CCM I am also on a mac and am looking at buying a MH721. I am wondering if you found a way to get this running with your mac? Would appreciate any help you can share. I haven't got any of the software yet. I am hoping to set up jobs to be cut from illustrator with a plug in? Unfortunately some of the comments posted his this thread were misleading... i.e when someone said you need to buy a 'special adapter' - a 'windows machine', they were in fact saying buy a PC to run the MH721 instead of using your mac. This is obviously not what you were hoping to do.
  12. Pc 50 Printing error

    Try and print a simple graphic in black, that will tell you whats going on. Need to clean the head after each print session. Forget the cleaning pencil, I use roland sovent cleaner and swabs. PC-60 mark-s
  13. Pc 50 Printing error

    I found something near the printing head area don't know if is vinyl material stuck ( the yellow thing barley showing) or something like a sensor
  14. Pc 50 Printing error

    Looks like needing a new head. mark-s
  15. Pc 50 Printing error

    Thanks Mb20 just hope it only needs some cleaning
  16. Pc 50 Printing error

    thanks Dakota for the info! There is something about a cleaning pen I have no clue about that
  17. Pc 50 Printing error

    Well, most likely needs a new printhead which are nearly impossible to find and if you do find one it will likely cost more than the machine itself is worth. Most people only use these as cutters once the printhead goes bad.
  18. Pc 50 Printing error services/manuals and guides/faq_pc50.pdf
  19. Need help trying to fix the printing feature on a Roland PC-50 the picture shows the test printing I'm doing
  20. Best/Good Heat Press Brands

    I have the fusion as well 16x20 bought it earlier this year i think lol.. Great press. So glad to have it .It was my first press ever.
  21. Font Help.. Maxim 56

    You are welcome, I couldn't get a Fontmatcherator result for the script, oddly enough.
  22. having Problem

    What does the Bug Report show?
  23. clhyer expressed my same sentiments exactly -- but now USCutter offers an improved SC2, just the thing for whispering into Santa's ear. And it will arrive with a very impressive design/cut software program VinylMaster included. And for the record, the 34" is only $40 more than the 24" so it's probably worth going bigger!
  24. Welcome aboard Silverag, go ahead and step up to the SC cutter. It is a great machine that works well with Macs. Cal
  25. Well, most people read the ads that the Refine MH series are not compatible with a Mac and don't buy it. Or some never read the warning and they have tried it with a Mac and had all kinds of problems and we tell them to put it on a windows computer. Adobe is design software, not cutting software. You would still need a cutting software.
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